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  1. Instead of launching Gettysburg Campaign, Lee relieves Vicksburg

    What would have happened if instead of launching the Gettysburg campaign, the Confederates took a defensive stance in the Eastern theater in order to send forces to help relieve the pressure on Vicksburg? They must have seen the the pressure Grant was building on Vicksburg a mile away, couldn't...
  2. Axis abandon North Africa campaign

    If the Germans had made the Italians pull out of North Africa instead of sending Rommel to reinforce them, wold the losses in men and material have made a significant difference in the Italian campaign or Eastern Front? I was always under the impression North Africa was basically a sideshow...
  3. Germany Declaring War On The United States Doesn't Make Any Sense

    Of all the inexplicable things the Germans did before and during WW2, this still baffles. Even factoring in the Nazi ideology and how it guided some of their absurd decisions, it still doesn't make any sense. The United States and Germany had passive hostilities regarding the Battle of the...
  4. Western Allies vs. Soviets in 1945 (Operation Unthinkable)

    Came across this and wanted to see what people thought?
  5. Churchill proposed "Franco-British Union" Quite interesting, never heard of this but I wonder if it would have been dissolved as soon as the war ended.
  6. Behold: Project Habakkuk, the most gigantic carrier ever concieved Good lord.....I've never heard of this. This might be the most fantastical military design that was actually conceived of during ww2 outside of nuclear weapons.
  7. Japan Doesn't Invade China, Longest Possible Pacific War?

    Let me start by saying I haven't done a ton of research into the who, why, and how of the Japan-China war other than "Imperial Japan wanted conquest,resources" but let's say they never invade China(things are smoothed over following the Marco Polo Bridge Incident) how many resources and men does...
  8. Tang Dynasty Defeats Abbasid Caliphate at Battle of Talas Is it the Battle of Tours of the East? If the Chinese win how far West do they go unchecked?
  9. The Second Korean War

    Has anyone made any timelines on what would happen if there was a second Korean war that would happen now or within the last 10 years?
  10. 6th Army Breaks Out of Stalingrad

    What if the 6th army broke out early in the encirclement in Stalingrad? What consequences for the Eastern Front?
  11. Gore Wins 2000 Election

    Is it safe to say no Iraq war?
  12. Quebec votes for independence in the 1995 referendum,_1995 Does a vote for secession result in any significant historical ramifications?
  13. British victory in war of 1812, creation of Indian state

    How long do you think this country would have lasted? What if the British concluded a mutual defense treaty, to deter the US from launching a war?
  14. WW2 Japan attacks Siberia , and why did Japan fear the USSR and not the US in WW2?

    I've always wondered how a Japanese front in Siberia would have affected WW2. As we know, the Siberian armies kept there to deter her which were moved West after intelligence indicated Japan would not attack, are what saved Moscow. The reasons for not doing so are obvious: 1. The battle of...
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    Creating topic in the proper forum please delete.
  16. Germany reaches Armistice with Britain and France, full concentration in East

    How would the Eastern Front have been affected if Germany was able to concentrate her Western and African forces there as well? Is there any hope for the USSR or is German victory assured early?
  17. Umayyad Victory at Battle of Tours

    Any general thoughts on short and long-term repercussions of this?
  18. Spain enters WW2 on the side of the Axis

    Hi All, New here and this is something I've been thinking about recently, as I've never really thought about why Spain wasn't involved in either world war. We know that Franco was in negotiations with Germany and Italy throughout the war on entering their side. We also know he formed a special...