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  1. BowOfOrion

    Small Steps: A Sci-Fi Timeline
    Threadmarks: Prologue

    9 June 2008 Broughton Hall North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC The office of Professor Andrew Mozeppa was tucked into a far corner of the top floor of Broughton Hall. While a corner office is usually seen as a sign of status, in Broughton Hall, it was anything but...
  2. BowOfOrion

    Ocean of Storms: A Timeline of A Scientific America
    Threadmarks: I: Eagle's Flight

    Launching a new timeline here (hope the name isn't taken). I'll answer questions here and there as they come, but I'm hoping to tell the story, for the most part, through a series of short stories and let internal context clues do a good chunk of the heavy lifting. Still, I'll try not to leave...
  3. BowOfOrion

    X-24 Orbital Test

    This is a story that I posted a few months ago on my blog "Unrealized Reality." It's a short story that references the idea of using an X-24 as a building block concept to the space shuttle. I used some ideas from David Portree's blog (tried to fit it into his Imagining Another Apollo...
  4. BowOfOrion

    Obscure question about RFK assassination

    This'll sound ridiculous, but I'm hoping an RFK expert might be able to help me. I understand that, after he retired from NASA, John Glenn befriended Bobby Kennedy. I seem to remember a report that he was actually with Kennedy in California on the day RFK was assassinated. I'm trying to...