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  1. The Third Rome - A Byzantine Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction

    Crusader, Emperor of the Romans, refugee; Antigonos I Palaiologos was all of these things and more. The second -- and last -- child of Constantine XI, Antigonos' war of resistance against the Ottomans after the fall of Constantinople have long been the stuff of legend. Antigonos was born on the...
  2. Crowned with a Thousand Banners - A Bactrian Timeline
    Threadmarks: Dionysus I

    Dionysus I The Bactrian dust found its way everywhere. Dionysus, son of Alexandros, pulled down the hem of his cloak, wrapped so tightly around his face, and spat a wad of it onto the ground. It gummed between his teeth and filled his nostrils and stained his long, curling black hair; it...