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  1. NCW8

    Vignette: The BBC Referendum Special

    Good Evening and welcome to the BBC Referendum Special. The polls are due to close in five minutes. We have journalists ready to bring you the results as they’re announced from the counts around the country along with experts to provide analysis, as only the BBC can. But first, here’s John...
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    George Lucas’ Tommy

    In 1969, The Who released their fourth studio album - Tommy. This concept album told the story of Tommy, who was born a few months after his father went missing in the war. A few years later, his father returned to discover that his wife had a new boyfriend. There’s a fight, witnessed by...
  3. NCW8

    WI no Christmas Carol

    In December 1843 Charles Dickens' novella A Christmas Carol in Prose, Being a Ghost-Story of Christmas was published. This book has obviously been very influential - a glance at the number of adaptions (including some episodes of various TV series) makes that very clear. The book added the word...
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    AHC: The Same Procedure As Every Year

    On New Year's Eve, a number of TV stations in Germany and surrounding countries will be showing a short comedy film called Dinner for One. This was filmed by the German station NDR in 1963 but was originally written in the 1920s by the British author Lauri Wylie as a music hall sketch. It was...
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    The Flight of the Colditz Cock

    Colditz Castle, April 1945 "Right, we've opened up the wall." "Good work, Bill. Get the lads setting up the runway on the chapel roof." It was amazing that they'd got this far. Tony remembered the day that he'd noticed that the chapel roof couldn't be seen by the German guards. He'd...
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    TLIAPOT: Shuffling the Doc

    1. William Hartnell (1963-1966) In November 1963 a new science fiction series appeared on British television. It started with two teachers concerned with the wellbeing of one of their pupils. They followed her home, which happened to be a scrapyard, and confronted her grandfather, who seemed...