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  1. Burying the Hatchet: A Nintendo/Sega TL

    Dude, Thumbs up from me, you definitely have a reader.
  2. since you changed your user name the first thing that comes to mind when i see it is: Family.

    since you changed your user name the first thing that comes to mind when i see it is: Family.
  3. No Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

    this Classic never gets created:
  4. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes

    can anyone tell me how to create or alter infoboxes in Wikia? for some reason i can't change or add parameters
  5. Comics WI: No Image comics?

    @Kalvan, there is a difference between the superstar artist and writers like kirby, millar, perez, romitas and the 'Superstar' Artists that became the image crew. the difference was the influence on the editorial and the direction of the comics. there was literally no control over the artists...
  6. Comics WI: No Image comics?

    it's a toss up between valiant and Malibu. the Image crew snapped up a lot of guys in their rise, and the big two brought in a lot of new people to fill the gaps caused by the Image Backstab, people who now may have no chance of getting into marvel or Dc and have yo look elsewhere, this may mean...
  7. Comics WI: No Image comics?

    Comics will get fucked over faster. Besides the fact Image Comics broke the big two's stranglehold (which was a good thing), Image comics was also actually bad for the comics. The image crew were the start of the superstar artist trend. A trend where the artist meant more than the writer...
  8. The Whale has Wings

    Links my good man!
  9. Challenge: Doctor Who popular in the United States

    what's with the twelve month necro?
  10. HMS Heligoland POD 1945 :

    You really don't like slick willy do you?:p Seriously though, the Monica Lewinsky bit is contrived. why would she move from California to Arkansas to be Bill's intern? she was an unpaid White house intern. my suggestion make up some other intern.
  11. CH: Make Voyager a Good Series

    Tuvix. Tuvix is an example of all that is right, and all that is wrong with voyager. It had a great story and a great dilemma, which they resolved in the most piss poor way imaginable because of the incessant need to reset the status quo at the end. what would fix that mess is if they spread...
  12. Charles tells Camilla to wait for him

    um who's Queen Camilla?
  13. Happy and Glorious.

    What. WHAT.
  14. My name is Grant,Cary Grant.

    as long as Bond is played by a white male actor from the commonwealth with relatively good looks and screen presence we're good.
  15. For Want of A Vote...

    gahhhhhh! I need more! it can't stop here!
  16. The Assassination of Hideki Tojo: Told In Newspaper Headlines

    i knew this was going to get sereiously botched.
  17. The Assassination of Hideki Tojo: Told In Newspaper Headlines

    Sigh... yeah, and the cliches start to pile up. Way to ruin something that could of been fun.
  18. No HIV/AIDS Emergence

    Freddie Mercury amd Kenny Everrett live.
  19. And the band played on.

    That better not get out.
  20. Gordon Pulls It Off

    the twisting of bigotgate is hilarious. the fact that before the election i really did know more about Nick Griffin than Nick Clegg makes that report even funnier