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  1. Roland Traveler

    WI: No Process of Judicial Review

    How would the legal history of the US change if Malbury vs Madison, somehow, didn't establish Judicial Review? Would the Supreme Court eventually assert that power, or would it just sorta disappear?
  2. Roland Traveler

    AHC: Early Door to Hell

    The Door to Hell is a burning field of natural gas in Turkmenistan that has been burning since 1971 after the Soviets set it on fire. Since it seems like a perfect area for superstitions to appear around, what would it take to create the Door, either on purpose or accident, before 1900, and...
  3. Roland Traveler

    European military dominance

    Just what was it that gave the Europeans such a massive military edge over the world during the Age of Imperialism? Was it superior technology? If so, how come they humbled China? Was it superior doctrine? Was it superior training? More motivation? Just what was it that gave Europe the edge...
  4. Roland Traveler

    WI: Castro seizes Guantanamo?

    What if, either in the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs invasion or during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Castro seizes (or tries to seize) Guantanomo Bay? Would he succeed in either scenario? How would the US respond? How would the Soviets respond?
  5. Roland Traveler

    AHC: Franco-German alliance by 1880

    Having been around for the better part of two years, I have yet to see a single timeline where France and a united Germany have gotten along. Now I can see why, both are strong when united and border each other, creating a predisposition to tension and conflicting interests. So, I propose a...
  6. Roland Traveler

    AHC: German victory and collapse in WWI

    Like the title says, have Germany win World War One only to fall shortly thereafter, let's say fifteen years. My scenario, which may be plausible or not, is a second Mexican-American War breaking out sometime in late 1917 when US troops have arrived in some numbers, but not enough to be...
  7. Roland Traveler

    WI: What if Tsarevich Dmitri never died?

    In 1591 the son of Ivan the Terrible, Tsarevich Dmitri, was found dead. Many blamed the death on the current regent Boris Gudonov, resulting in a series of pretenders showing up and creating the Time of Troubles, which ended the Rurik dynasty and ushered in the Romanovs. So what if Dmitri never...
  8. Roland Traveler

    WI: No Byzantine-Persian War 602-628

    While researching Persian military formations, I got into reading about the Byzantine-Persian wars. It was all epic, especially the last one which read like a legend with the hero riding to the rescue just when all seems lost and driving deep into the enemy's heartland. But it devastated both...