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  1. Look to the West Volume VIII: The Bear and the Basilisk

    Russia is definitely rolling a few d20s at the moment, it will be interesting to see how well their luck holds.
  2. 12:08 - Redux

    I think we were already going to lose a lot of heritage lines due to declining interest. COVID has probably made a crash inevitable. What is needed is a nation wide approach that protects the most historically valuable lines (such as the IoWSR but I can’t see that happening...
  3. Look to the West Volume VIII: The Bear and the Basilisk

    Well that has definitely put a spanner in the French plans... hopefully China does not go full Russia-in-Decades-of-Darkness on them. Even ignoring that possibility, this makes a Russian victory considerably easier to explain, especially if the Americans end up distracted by the Combine.
  4. Look to the West Volume VIII: The Bear and the Basilisk

    Crosscreek is actually in North Province, e.g., OTL Fayetville North Carolina, and was never part of Virginia. It does however further suggest that the ENA is going to lose badly to the Combine - we already know that the 1920s trigger a major re-evaluation of America's political system. If the...
  5. Look to the West Volume VIII: The Bear and the Basilisk

    Probably depends on the exact context - we know that Russia will remain a major colonial power until at least the 1950s/60s and their defeat in the Sunrise War, while the Combine as was seen in the last chapter, is engaged in what can only be described as colonialism in Indonesia and Africa. On...
  6. "Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist?

    Isn't it possible we could see Japan seize Indonesia and Indochina as 'protective measures' after France and the Netherlands fall? All perfectly above the board from the point of view of the British and Americans (who really need those Japanese guns and their Fleet bottling up the Soviets), its...
  7. The New Order: Last Days of Europe - An Axis Victory Cold War Mod for HoIIV

    So I want to play a moderately cursed USA game - which means getting Wallace elected in '64. What is the best way to do this? I've tried previously and it resulted thus far in LBJ winning fairly convincingly...
  8. The New Order: Last Days of Europe - An Axis Victory Cold War Mod for HoIIV

    Is the intention that the US doesn't have any ships at the start of the game?
  9. Could the Easter Island civilization have avoided its collapse

    The problem is that Diamond is significantly behind the curve on scholarship on Rapa Nui's collapse (if he ever was in front of it). The Fall of Civilization podcast/TV series actually did a very long but convincing explanation that while there is an argument that Rapa Nui's civilization had...
  10. Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

    Sorry to hear that, I hope you are alright.
  11. Fermi Paradox becomes an intellectual “thing” in the early 1980s?

    The counter-argument to this is that once you start listing all the things that have affected Earth in its existence - and there is no real reason to believe Earth has been particularly unlucky in that regard, as well as the potential fact that most Earth-like planets like Sun-like stars only...
  12. The Great Crusade (Reds! Part 3)

    A few observations about the last round of updates: - Its likely that Goring's reputation ITTL will be different. I mean he is seen as utterly loathsome for the most part in OTL but there's always been a thread of 'ha - what a blowhard/ass' due to his blatantly failing to live up to the Nazi...
  13. No WWI, which nation or empire do you think would develop the A-bomb first ?

    Is there not the potential for the invention of practical nuclear reactors to be invented first ITTL instead of the atomic bomb? In which case Germany seems to be a likely candidate to develop atomic reactors first but depending on its international position - in particular whether the looming...
  14. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    How did you do this BTW?
  15. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    So I won a commanding victory against McKinley as Bryan/Matthews: But was really surprising was the margin of victory in Delaware:
  16. Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

    To be honest, it would be quite interesting to see a fascist regime who is led by someone more like Stalin than Hitler.
  17. The Great Crusade (Reds! Part 3)

    Oh, I was wondering what that massive bang was a moment ago. Must have been Churchill blowing a gasket across time and timeline over that name... Great update, can't wait to see what the end game for all this is.
  18. Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

    I think the Dominion of India made somewhat more sense when the Entente was definitely the third pole and could therefore provide the Indians with resources and technical support as the Entente has been nerfed and seems to be further nerfed (to the extent that it seems like the only way for them...
  19. Look to the West Volume VII: The Eye Against the Prism

    My interpretation of the Soviets is that they are actually similar to the juntas that sprang in Spain in the aftermath of the abdications of Bayonne, except in this timeline there is no Romanov with sufficient legitimacy to claim the throne. I agree that with your prognosis of the resulting...
  20. London Thinks Big

    If you want an idea of what London would be like with some of these schemes in place, then just imagine Bristol but multipled several times. (Plus BCC is currently exploring how to build a light railway network right now.)