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  1. MotF 236: The Map Before Time

    Far in the north, distant and isolated, a strange and savage land lies. One side is blocked off by a broad and jagged chain of mountains, high and sharp as they rise up, up, up into the heavens. One side is blocked by tall cliffs of ice, endless glaciers, endless white, white, white. And two are...
  2. Map of the Fortnight: Main Discussion Thread

    I'll have a submission in tomorrow.
  3. MotF 235: This Is Our Land

    The year is 1000 AD, and against the forces of colonialism and foreign influence, Bùlièdiān (or "Britannia", to use their native tongue) stands strong and alone in Europe. The Empire of the Romans is but a vassal, the Empire of the Abbasids shattered into a dozen lesser kingdoms, all under the...
  4. Map of the Fortnight: Main Discussion Thread

    If I've the time, I'll see about trying to put something together tomorrow.
  5. MotF 232: On A Pale Horse

    Tchrillik States = States ruled by Tchrillik. Can range from settler colonies to warlord dominions to offshoots of actual homeworld nations. Human Puppet States = Human ruled states heavily under the influence of one or another Tchrillik organisation. Human Independent States = Independent...
  6. A Horn of Bronze--The Shaping of Fusania and Beyond

    Well, after several weeks worth of reading, I've finally caught up with this thoroughly dense and excellent timeline. Now I'll just have to wait for updates like everything else. In all seriousness, really am looking forward to seein gmore on this!
  7. Map of the Fortnight: Main Discussion Thread

    Probably going to try making my first MotF entry for this. Current plan is something along the lines of War of the Worlds, except the aliens in question have bioweapons in their repertoire, and the general tone of the invasion is closer to British colonialism in India or the Spanish in...
  8. The World of Noughts and Crosses

    I remember reading the book of this for a while, and honestly the reason I gave up on it because I realised I was fascinated with the world and setting, but had no interest in the actual characters themselves, or their storylines. Then again, I guess that's why I'm here after all.
  9. WI: HP Lovecraft, the world's oldest man

    I believe the phrase was that he was "terrified of everything that did not encompass his hometown of Providence, New England". And yeah, though he never forsook them entirely, he did end up mellowing out towards the end of his life IIRC (though considering what earlier Lovecraft was like...
  10. WI: HP Lovecraft, the world's oldest man

    Howard Philips Lovecraft was born in Providence, on the 20th August 1890, and the first 47 years of his life proceed much as usual, writing, poverty, cancer and all. Yet in this timeline, though the cancer proves a significant health scare, he survives through it nonetheless. In the year 1990 he...
  11. Crusader Kings II - Paradox Entertainement (02/12)

    Guy above said it, but yeah, Sons of Vinland. Adds multiple new cultures (Including a Native/Norse melting pot culture), several Native religions and unique events for both Natives and Norse colonists. Apparently the maker of it is working on making it compatible with the EU4 converter too.
  12. AHC: An earlier internet, and the effects thereof

    Though of course the earliest government owned forms of the internet date back to the 1960s, and Usenet was technically accessible from 1980, it was only really after the "eternal September" of 1993 that the Internet really began to take off as something accessible to the masses, ultimately...
  13. Vinland - Land of Dreams and Salvation

    Oooh, this definitely looks interesting! Watched, I'm excited to see where this goes in the future.
  14. WI: Civilisation in the Pampas

    For those who don't know, the Pampas are a lowland region of South America perfect for agriculture. Large and covering over 750,000 square kilometres, they're flat, bear a temperate climate, have fertile soil and rainfall patterns evenly distributed throughout the year. In other words, a perfect...
  15. The Legacy of Saint Brendan: A History of the Western Hemisphere, 512 to 1400

    Only found this TL earlier today and just finished reading the whole thing. Looks great so far, and I look forward to more!
  16. Children of the Mountains: A different South America

    By first states in the region, I was mainly referring to the area around the Pilcamayo river and Paraguay. The states in the Andes still turned out the way they did OTL. Also, wow, this is a huge burst of activity after several months. I'd given up on this project, but if you guys are...
  17. The Sons of Inti Shall Not Perish

  18. Children of the Mountains: A different South America
    Threadmarks: The Formative Period

    The Formative Period Although little is known of the early Isa Culture, it is believed that they first migrated to the area that is now known as the Pilcomayo river between 900 and 700 BCE. What culture they originally came from is up for debate, with people drawing parallels between their...
  19. Children of the Mountains: A different South America
    Threadmarks: Evolution of a Myth

    Evolution of a myth 790 BCE` "Originally, we didn't come from this place. Oh no, we came here from a land far away across the mountains, a great lake where all was at peace. But invaders came, and we were forced to flee far to the south. For days upon days we ran, and all seemed lost. But at...
  20. Children of the Mountains: A different South America
    Threadmarks: Teji's Journey

    800 BCE Teji felt as if he had been walking for years, although he knew it had been mere days since he and his people had been forced to leave their homes for good. And if things were to continue as they had done for the days since then, he doubted that they would be walking much longer...