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  1. British canal system modernised and widened as per that of Germany, Netherlands and France

    The British canal system never got the modernisation and widening that the canal systems of Germany, Netherland and France did but what would be the effects if they did and what canals are most likely to be modernsied and widened? Note, was originally in before 1900 but moved as its effects are...
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  3. UK has advanced solid motors in the 1940's

    Possibly ASB....probably by accident but what would be the implications of the UK being able to reliably mass produce solid rocket motors equivalent to those on the OTL Trident II missile. Firstly by end of 1940 Secondly by end 1945 Edit: No-one else has been able to do the same at this...
  4. Space Transport System using LRB's

    Difficult politically but if the STS had been developed as in the OTL but using LRB's, what are the potential changes? Most obvious is no Challenger type loss but what else could there be?
  5. Earlier Stirling engine AIP in submarines

    Stirling engines were first used in submarines in the late 1980's early 1990's but could they be used sooner to provide AIP? What would be the effect of them being available in the 1930's?
  6. Verdun forts remain fully equipped and manned

    Historically the Verdun forts were mostly disarmed and the garrisons reduced to maintenance only, with some forts being made ready for demolition. What if at the time of the German attack in this area, the forts had remained fully equipped and manned by regular trained troops. Not sure if the...
  7. London Electrobus not run by a fraudster The London Electrobus Company, was a bus operator that ran a fleet of electric buses in London. The electrobus was the first practical battery-electric bus and a forerunner of the electric buses that are experiencing a major resurgence in...
  8. Éamon de Valera killed in the bombing on Dublin

    When the Luftwaffe accidentally bombed Dublin in 1941, if the bombing killed Éamon de Valera, does that cause any changes?
  9. Mercury Redstone parachute recovery system funded

    One of the feature of the Mercury Redstone project was the proposed parachute recovery system. From wiki The recovery system, at the top of the rocket, would have used two stages of parachutes. In the first stage, a single parachute, 17 feet (5.2 m) in diameter, would stabilize the rocket's...
  10. Fisher not a speedfreak

    Possibly ASB....but what if instead of being obsessed with speed, Fisher pushed balanced designs, what does the engineering, armour and guns allow?
  11. Nuclear attack on the frigate Storozhevoy?

    Story that has popped up on the HP@CA board In 1975 a Soviet Krivak class frigate named Storozhevoy and belonging to the Baltic fleet mutinied. The political officer wanted to have another Marxist-Leninistic revolution and took...
  12. Lancaster and Halifax with tricycle landing gear

    What would it take for the Lancaster and the Halifax to have tricycle landing gear rather than tail wheel landing gear and would this change any of their operations?
  13. Different conversion of HMS Furious

    What were the hanger heights for Furious after her first conversion with a flying off deck forward and a landing on deck aft? What was the height above sea level for the flying off deck and landing on deck following that conversion? Does the design for Furious allow for a full length flight...
  14. Oil not found in Persia 1908

    If instead of Persia, William Knox D’Arcy had been made aware of reports of oil in Trinidad, British Guiana or West Africa rather than in Persia and had discovered oil there rather than in Persia what effects would not discovering oil in Persia in the early 1900’s have on British involvement in...
  15. Operation Chastity carried out early and not delayed

    Operation Chastity was a planned operation to capture Quiberon Bay and bring its ports into operation for the Allied supply operation but it was continually postponed and eventually cancelled. How much of the supply problem would this one port have been able to reduce? Wiki link here...
  16. Earlier aircraft with rear cargo ramps

    Is there a potential driver for the introduction of cargo aircraft with the rear loading ramp of the OTL Hercules etc? If aircraft with rear cargo ramps had been available in the mid 1930's what impact would they have had on freighting duties in WW2?
  17. No Locomotive Acts (or Red Flag Acts)

    What would be the effect of no Locomotive or Red Flag acts? The Locomotive Acts (or Red Flag Acts) were a series of Acts of Parliament in the United Kingdom regulating the use of mechanically propelled vehicles on British public highways during the...
  18. R J Mitchell's B.1/35 as a fast unarmed bomber?

    Ralph Pegram’s ‘Beyond the Spitfire; The Unseen Designs of R.J.Mitchell’ describes Mitchell’s design for B.1/35. It had a narrow fuselage less than 6ft at its widest point and carried its entire bombload within the wing to the rear of the spar. It had three gun positions, nose, tail and...
  19. Resadiye and Sultan Osman 1 in Turkish waters early 1914

    If a quicker construction time had meant either or both Resadiye and Sultan Osman 1 were in Turkish hands in Turkish waters early 1914 what effect would this have?
  20. Admiral Milne incapacitated end July 1914

    If Admiral Archibald Berkeley Milne had been incapacitated end July 1914, either in a hospital bed or just plain dead, and unable to be CinC Mediterranean Fleet, who would have taken his place and would ship deployments have changed?