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  1. Nixon in 1960, what happens to NASA?

    If Nixon defeats Kennedy in 1960, what does he do with the space program? Apollo was Kennedys baby.
  2. DBWI: LBJ Goes to War in Vietnam

    Also, people underestimate the threat of war with China and the Soviet Union if we invaded North Vietnam. Seriously, Mao was nuts and would not have hesitated to get stuck in if we crossed the DMZ.
  3. DBWI: LBJ Goes to War in Vietnam

    with a harder and more expensive vietnam, would the money towards space be cut?
  4. Feel the Bearn - A Timeline of France's Only Carrier in WWII and Beyond

    yeah, Churchill overplayed his hand. no way will anyone believe Herbert Morrison was a nazi
  5. AHC - A UK Messmer Plan

    Just phrase the idea as a method of avoiding a repeat of ww2 where imports to the uk were so disrupted
  6. The Anglo/American - Nazi War

    what happened to the french philosophers of the time? many important philosophers lived through the french occupation - Camus, de Beauvoir, Sarte, etc.
  7. The Anglo/American - Nazi War

    the real question is, what happened to Mr. Rogers ITTL?
  8. The Anglo/American - Nazi War

    my quibble with this is, why would all these countries go to war with one another? its been 40+ years they've had to get used to the status quo
  9. WI: Smedley Butler doesn't get cancer?

    Smedley Butler was the highest decorated US Marine of all time, and twice won the Medal of Honor. He was an outspoken critic of American imperialism and single-handedly brought down a plot to overthrow the US government. On June 21, 1940 he died of cancer. What if he never got cancer? He was...
  10. The Third Coming of Nixon

    when the stuff nixon is doing comes out, prepare yourselves for a thousand years of leftwing darkness
  11. Rosa's Reich - Red Germany

    I'm guessing this will be treated like a Polish Long March. An impressive retreat that preserved vital forces for an eventual comeback.
  12. [AH Fiction] The Bengasi Confessions

    What does "let a man abuse my dignity" mean?
  13. [AH Fiction] Murder in Hitlerstadt

    I imagine Norwegian fishermen make a lot of money "losing" lifeboats full of people suspiciously near British fishing grounds.
  14. VIGNETTE: Now More Than Ever

    I don't really understand the POD. Why has the opposition splintered?
  15. Tell me where you move your stuff please! I loved it!

    Tell me where you move your stuff please! I loved it!
  16. Twilight of the Red Tsar

    the finns are probably even more paranoid and heavily armed then otl
  17. Eisenhower in the Pacific: Part 1 The Shoestring Warriors of Luzon

    "Imperial Japan" and "good logistics" don't belong in the same sentence.
  18. Twilight of the Red Tsar

    My dad says something similar about jews, and we're not even jewish.
  19. TLIAM: A Series Of Quite Fortunate Events

    why is everyone screaming
  20. Twilight of the Red Tsar

    didn't kissinger or westmoreland say something equivalent to the last statement? it sounds familiar