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  1. Sol717

    Books on Medieval Germany?

    The point was that having a separate forum wold be convenient, even if there wasn't that much of it. For me, sheer quantity of content has nothing to do with it (I understand you might think differently).
  2. Sol717

    Books on Medieval Germany?

    That'd be even better, but is even less likely to happen, as I believe Ian's historically been a bit tetchy about the presence of stuff that has limited relation to alternate history.
  3. Sol717

    Books on Medieval Germany?

    The Help forum is explicitly demarcated as being for "questions about how to use the forum"; I think it should be kept limited to those kinds of queries, because it allows the moderation to efficiently respond to queries without distraction. Threads like this probably deserve a dedicated...
  4. Sol717

    AHC: The Hippie Trails in Eurasia continue

    Another factor that you have failed to mention is the slow decline of the hippie subculture. While most people think of the hippies as a purely '60s phenomenon, they persisted into the 70's with a decent amount of relevance; they only started to really decline in the 80's as the increasing...
  5. Sol717

    A Pet Pre-1900 Scenario You Would Do If You were Smart Enough

    It pretty much is one in OTL. My own ideas: Something involving a stronger Georgian nation, with a post-Mongol POD. East Slavs don't make it as far into Finnic and Baltic lands, leading to stronger Norse influence in the region and the region becoming Catholic. An counter to all the...
  6. Sol717

    AHC: Maximum Spread and Usage of the Latin Alphabet

    I don't think that will happen without an explicit project/proposal, and is utterly impossible with increasing nationalism in India. However, the British could make a Latin orthography for Hindi and start a literacy programme that eventually makes the Latin script dominant. This would be helped...
  7. Sol717

    AHC: Diglossia in the USA

    You could argue that it already exists.
  8. Sol717

    Realistic (!) climate map of worlda w/ Africa and South America switched?

    A decent portion of Patagonia isn't mountainous.
  9. Sol717

    AH Cultural Descriptions

    "A Wanderer from Wyoming" is an autobiography written by Mark Lausanne, who fled Wyoming and found refuge in various locations in the world after Yellowstone erupted. What made this book unique is that he was the only person from somewhere so close to make it out; his journey through the former...
  10. Sol717

    WI: Napoleon accepts the Frankfurt Proposals

    If the Coalition doesn't get sick of it, Napoleon will.
  11. Sol717

    AH Cultural Descriptions

    A book by Catholic theologian Werner Görtzer in 2014 about how Satan is rewards his followers with nothing but false promises while God backs up his word with action. The book was soon forgotten as it broke almost no new ground, but it came under fire, as the ultraconservative pope Leo XIV burnt...
  12. Sol717

    AH Cultural Descriptions

    Commencement was a video game produced by al-Qaeda in 2003 as propaganda, after Osama bin Laden decided to 'make America part of the Dar al-Islam'. The game puts you in the role of Mohammed Atta, and is basically a flight simulator where you have to pilot American Airlines Flight 11 into the...
  13. Sol717

    Alternative Passport Thread

    It is from a world where the Romance peoples of Pannonia survived and formed their own state.
  14. Sol717

    Alternative Passport Thread

    Here is something I've created:
  15. Sol717

    What if, no Dungeons and Dragons?

    Why do you only mention JRPGs?
  16. Sol717

    What if, no Dungeons and Dragons?

    Why do you only mention JRPGs?
  17. Sol717

    Your Favorite Medieval Dynasty to Survive, But Didn't

    The house of Geneva always interested me when playing CK2. It would also be cool if some of the Tatar noble families survived as more than random Russian nobles.
  18. Sol717

    WI Šuppiluliuma's Son Makes it to Egypt

    I don't think it is realistically possible for the Hittites to project power into Egypt. A better idea would be to have them 'steal' the Egyptian Levant.
  19. Sol717

    WI: Qing invasion of the Shan States succeeds?

    The Qing Empire attempted to invade Burma through Yunnan in the 1760's, in a series of campaigns that aimed to consolidate control of the Shan states. The invasion looked easy due to the state of disarray Burma was in at the time, but king Alaungpaya managed to reunify the nation and fend off...