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  1. WI Nixon and Agnew scandals come out in October 68

    If the efforts to undermine the peace talks and Agnew's corruption came out in the 68 election campaign I assume that Humprey wins. How big of a difference does this mean
  2. AHC Wi Scotland independent by 1980

    How might this happen? And what if Thatcher did NOT have all that oil revenue/
  3. WI Lenin either dies by 1900 or is never born

    Does this prevent the Soviet Union? What happens later?
  4. WI a Communist murders Franco, after June 22 1941

    Might a more hard line less rational dictator take power. I can see a declaration of war
  5. How strong was the RAF and French Airforce in the Spring of 1939?

    Britain and France expected or at least feared a Nazi invasion of Poland once the Nazis broke the Munich agreement and destroy Czechoslovakia. Could they have attacked all Nazi bases within say a hundred miles of the French border?
  6. Querie Could Germany have put efforts into longer range submarines and Cruisers instead of Dreadnoughts?

    In otl the German Empire put a LOT of effort into a High Seas Fleet. It was never enough to threaten Britain. In otl Submarines and to a lesser extent cruisers did more damage to Britain. How bad would it be for Britain?
  7. No Marx or Lenin what is the 20th century like?

    I do think that would still be some radical left movements. How radical would Russia be after the fall of the Czar? Would progressives in the West do better?
  8. No American independence, so is Austrailian independence postponed

    In otl Britain had sent convicts to the Americas. Botany Bay was chosen in part as a place to send troublesome folk. How much impact would that have on the Americas?
  9. WI No Spitzer scandal

    What if he had got away with his relationship with Prostitutes? Could he have been more significant?
  10. WI Nazis do NOT go for V1 and V2 and put the effort into Jet Fighters

    Could the Nazis have achieved control of the air, at least over their own territory? What impact would it have on each of the main threats?
  11. AHC Earliest possible sound recording

    What is the earliest we could record voices?
  12. AHC/WI Anti War Serious Candidate 1968

    Is there any way you could have a contest Nixon, Wallace, Johnson against Maybe McGovern Lindsey. Had such a candidated got a third of the popular vote might they have won?
  13. ahc wi Nazis lose badly in Norway

    Could luck or better organization or intelligence have resulted in the Nazi invasion of Norway being defeated. Would that prevent the invasion of France and the Low Countries? How good might Chamberlain's reputation be if the Nazis were defeated without Barbarossa or the USA?
  14. AHC WI Russian Revolution 1905 or a little later

    Could the defeat to Japan have had a bigger impact on Russia? Might this change the dynamics that caused WW 1?
  15. WI Slavery was abolished without a Civil War, What would be the status of African Americans

    WI no Nat Turner and Virginia decides to abolish slavery in he 1830s? Kentucky and North Carolina might join them as could Maryland and Delaware. Eventually, maybe facing competition from Free sources of Cotton in Egypt and also the impact of Boll Wevil other states follow and a 13th...
  16. WI Voting rights act 1964 and Civil Rights Act 1965

    In otl did Goldwater support the Voting Rights Act? He opposed the Civil Rights Act on grounds of States rights. He may not have been all that racist. However he ended up getting backing from the racist South. What would have happened?
  17. AHC wi DINKINS was re-elected

    I believe that Rudy got credit for lots of changes that started to happen during Dinkins term. Would overall America be more progressive? So who would be Mayor elected 1997?
  18. How much did the USN take part in the Battle of the Atlantic 1942-3?

    I have and idea for a guy dying whilst serving on a Naval ship helping to keep Britain fed, he is a US citizen. Could that have happened
  19. Wi Union wins first Bull run and Richmond falls by September 1861

    Well what happens? Does the Confederacy collapse? How long would slavery go on if Jefferson Davis signs unconditional surrender?
  20. wi Naval revolt misshandled in 1797- more revolutionary

    In otl the mutiny had narrow objectives and was defeated. However is it possible that the mutiny could have changed a lot. It is not unusual for demands for specific concessions to change and be radicalized. Could England and Ireland have become radical before 1800?