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  1. What if indonesia become communist

    When is the PoD? Is it going to be in the '20s when the Communists were the main anti-colonialist force? Their failed uprising broke them as a party - their place soon taken over by the Nationalists - and radicalised the colonial government. If the PoD is in 1945 there is a chance that the US is...
  2. AHC: Sanity Options to secure Malaya in WW2

    So everytime there is a invasion warning? That's going to be quite a hassle. Also because they - by their very nature - obstruct maritime traffic. Meaning they have to be swept once the invasion scare is over. Allied forces used mines regularly during the Japanese southward offensive. See for...
  3. AHC: Sanity Options to secure Malaya in WW2

    Problem is that the seas of South East Asia are not friendly to seamines. Apparently the mines degrade much faster than in European waters. So mines are great in operational circumstances, especially the Japanese used them to great effect in 1941/42, but you are going to have to keep the...
  4. AHC: Sanity Options to secure Malaya in WW2

    Also @yulzari There was a 'budget' option: allow Vichy France to reinforce French Indochina in 1940. The Royal Navy stopped several attempts by the French to send planes and land forces to the region. At that point even the Germans were against a Japanese takeover of the colony. If the UK...
  5. What happened if indonesia become a monarchy?

    Given the fact that OTL Sukarno was pretty much a collaborator of the Japanese anyway, I doubt it would matter. To me the biggest problem isn't the Indonesian Revolution itself, but its end. Wouldn't this make the Dutch-Indonesian Union impossible to set up? This Union was ofcourse pretty...
  6. April 1942 Alternate Indian Ocean

    Zheng has not been online since September. I fear with great fear :(
  7. AH discussion: Domino theory correct?

    You can't really blame them though, even the Communists ignored Marx in this regard.
  8. WI - a different electoral system for the Netherlands

    So you want the Netherlands to use it's 1917 districtsystem or the system Belgium uses right now?
  9. "Union of families" (Britain and the Netherlands, post-1702-1714)

    He pretty much did actually. The prince had just made a deal with the States of Holland that ended his siege of Amsterdam. The deal put him in an advantaged position vis a vis the Estates Party and was more a truce than a peace treaty. Delaying his death for half a year gives him another...
  10. Have Norton Motorcycles continue to be a successful company

    My father owned and rode a Norton Commando until his death. He always said that Norton's were made of fantastic parts that unfortunately never really seemed to fit together quite right :D
  11. How important was the Dunkirk evacuation ?

    Could be but there are bound to be some operations that can't be launched the were beneficial. How about the situation in Iraq and Syria? Would the coup in Yugoslavia happen ITTL? An Axis and stable (or somewhat stable) Yugoslavia would be a boon for the Axis for sure.
  12. How important was the Dunkirk evacuation ?

    Sorry, should have made myself more clear: the British Army will have lost 215,000 more men than OTL at that point. The other numbers mentioned were to put things in perspective.
  13. How important was the Dunkirk evacuation ?

    They would be crippling for the next year or two at least. Wasn't the Wehrmacht crippled after Stalingrad? Total number of troops Operation Crusader: 118,000 Total number of Allied forces First Battle of El Alamein: 150,000 Total number of Allied forces Operation Torch: 109,000 215,000 troops...
  14. How important was the Dunkirk evacuation ?

    If Operation Dynamo is complete failure the British Army will have lost 215,000 soldiers more than OTL. To put this in perspective: Total number of British PoWs during WWII: 220,000. Total death: 383,700. This will not be a knock-out blow to the Allied war-effort but it will be crippling.
  15. Q: Would an eventual UK of the Netherlands including the Rhineland be included in the German Confederation?

    The UK of the Netherlands was practically a absolute monarchy.
  16. Gulf crisis 1990 : Saddam's asymmetric response

    What would be in it for Saddam? Is the whole goal of this operation to make the oil prices go up?
  17. AHC: Wank The Dutch

    The Dutch Republic at it's height was most probably in the top 5 strongest nations OTL. For the Netherlands to be a great power in our age needs a lot of work though. The Industrial Revolution is both a great opportunity and a great problem for any such scenario. On the one hand the Netherlands...
  18. NO pearl harbor.

    As said before in many other threads: a lot depends on the timing. If the attack on the European imperialist powers happens on 7th of December than a US intervention is pretty guarenteed. If it's much earlier, say December 1940 than it is a very different situation. Especially if the Japanese...
  19. WI: Queen Elizabeth accepts the Dutch crown

    Well they wouldn't be part of the English Crown, would it? They would be part of the lands of the Queen of England. That's an important difference.
  20. WI: Queen Elizabeth accepts the Dutch crown

    Why would Elizabeths decision cause this? I would think that direct English intervention would intensify the conflict if anything. Also, a lot would depend on the way English involvement is organized. The English forces under Dudley arguably did more bad than good as they had a nasty tendency...