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  1. Map Thread VII

    Thats why there IS an ASB thread. Some of us dont want to see it!
  2. Ah Challenge: Italian unification led by the Habsburgs

    Well, yeah. It was the test lab for liberal reforms. Much easier to experiment there than in the Austrian mainlands. As poor Emperor Joseph had to find out.
  3. Kaiser Wilhelm I assassinated in 1878

    On his own? No. I think the main attribute of Frederick III in that regard is that he was somewhat weak willed. He will not push any liberal reform himself. However, different to his father and son he will not stand in the way of it, either. I think he would make a rather apolitical monarch, so...
  4. Ah Challenge: Italian unification led by the Habsburgs

    Hm. I think any "Italian-Nationalist Tuscany Habsburg" scenarios need the Papacy. After all, where is Tuscany going to fight against for Italy? Lombardy-Venetia? Not likely, theyd end up subordinate to Sardinia there. Said northern legations of the Papacy, or maybe even all of it, though...
  5. No Barbarossa

    Wasnt the "Ice Breaker" theory put forwards by a Russian? Not saying that makes it any more credible, but it doesnt seem to me as if it automatically has to be Nazi apologist.
  6. French Borders

    I meant the OP. I mean, I can understand if people havent heard of 18th century French expansionism, or havent heard about the French border during Revolutionary and Napoleonic times being the Rhine - but then using the same "natural border" nonsense terminology as French irredentists...
  7. Alternatives to direct intervention in Vietnam

    The problem with direct military actions against North Vietnam is of course China. I mean, they dont like Vietnam, but they like the USA being in Vietnam, and potentially at their border, even less. And bombing? How? It will either be highly ineffective, due to the Jungle and all, or so...
  8. WI: Föhr votes joining Denmark in the Schleswig Plebiscites

    Well, even our most... infamous Großdeutschland TL (if it can be called that) didnt go that far. And actually, even with so much territory there would probably still be a German majority, if maybe not by much. But, eh, Interwar Germany plus a "Thorn-Bromberg-Kulm corridor" to East Prussia, plus...
  9. WI: Föhr votes joining Denmark in the Schleswig Plebiscites

    Well, Ödenburg was not a result of allied policy. Thats the Hungarians fault. One could also name Bromberg and Thorn, at least at the end of the war - ten years later, few Germans were left there. But yes, it was a bit flagrant how Austria was forbidden to rejoin Germany, or how the Czech...
  10. Ah Challenge: Italian unification led by the Habsburgs

    And they were unpopular everywhere. Of course, it need not be so, but youd probably need a totally allhistorical Habsburg character. An openly Italian-nationalist Grand Duke (or heir) of Tuscany, for example. If its to be the main Habsburg line, well, that makes things a bit more difficult...
  11. WI: Föhr votes joining Denmark in the Schleswig Plebiscites

    It would be isolated enough for Föhr to be completely surrounded by German territorial waters. It gets interesting once Germany starts to build the Hindenburg Dam, really cutting Föhr off from Denmark, but unless its specifically stated otherwise in the treaties the territory between Sylt and...
  12. How did each home nation contribute to the British Empire?

    Well, I think the OP meant for there to be no personal union, either, seeing as it posits Scotland as an independent actor conquering Ireland...
  13. How did each home nation contribute to the British Empire?

    Eh, I dont think lacking "contributions" are the primary matter. And such psychological profiling of entire peoples like Uriel did is quasi-esoterical nonsense. I think the main problem with divided British islands is that England would have a potential enemy at its flank. It would need...
  14. Map Thread VII

    Oh come on. The Boat Peoples Caliphate?:rolleyes: Also if Austria is reduced to German Austria - well, Id very much think German Austria would join Germany.
  15. Earlier German, Earlier Colonialism

    Well, nitpicking first because some anvils need to be dropped :p : An earlier German unification (or reunification, even, considering the HRE) wouldnt mean "an earlier Germany". Germany already existed before, it was just disunited. If you want an earlier Germany youd need a PoD in the 9th...
  16. Could the Crusader Kingdoms/States Survived

    Mostly, yes. The crusader states used as "tax haven" by European powers? Yeah, how is that supposed to work in the middle ages, exactly? However, using lower tax rates to, so to say, buy the loyalty of the local population? Now, thats possible.
  17. Map Thread VII

    On the base that Iranians have nothing to do with Arabs, or at least only as much as Jews do. --- And Im sorry to say, but ESAs map is horrible.
  18. Map Thread VII

    Why wouldnt the Lebanese? They are all Arabs, the problems just different religions and denominations. And why wouldnt the Palestinians? They surely are Arabs. And the inclusion of "Zion" is probably just a necessity... but an Arab Federation Kurdistan is kinda odd...
  19. AHC: Austria-Hungary in 2010

    Thats possible, but I think that underestimates just how stubborn and self-righteous the Hungarian nobility was. That problem eventually would have to be dealt with.