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  1. Alternate personal names?

    For unlikely OTL name - to quote wikipedia: Nowadays not popular but used to be one.
  2. The Rise of the White Huns

    Sclavinia, Slavonia or Slavia perhaps. After all it is a state of Slavs united against foreign and alien peoples. If you look around the ethnographic maps you will see certain interesting fact: that slavic communities living at the border of Slavic world or surrounded by other ethnicities were...
  3. The Rise of the White Huns

    This is really interesting timeline. I'm particularly curious how the Slavs would fare after having an example of Darvan. OTL early Slavic states in the west collapsed quickly or became tributaries of Carolingian Empire. Here the Franks are slapped by Veleti. Probably the name Darvan (corrupted...
  4. Dream of the Poison King: A History of the Pontic Empire

    I believe you mean Populares here. So right now Pontus has about equal power to Roman Republic? And similar territory, maybe slightly lesser.
  5. WI: No Deluge?

    For example Christina of Sweden stays on the throne for few more years and PLC by this time manages to repell Russian armies and make some kind of Hadiach treaty with Cossacks. The army was good enough. The problems were finances and treasury. The colonisation was part of the problem because...
  6. WI: Dreadnaughts and hoovers, other famous firsts give their name to a class

    In Poland "rower" (pronounced "rover") is a word for bicycle. It comes from firm Rover.
  7. The Eternal Flame Dies Out: Rome Loses The Siege of Veii

    Now I see. So the whole Jasonian Adventure was shown to us to let us realize that everything of Greek-Macedonian population that in OTL went to Iran and Central Asia ITTL would go to western mediterranean to cause pain to Carthago. With Iberian/Sicilian/Sardinian/Corsican Greeks threatening...
  8. The Eternal Flame Dies Out: Rome Loses The Siege of Veii

    The next Artaxerxes. III. Ochus. Kinslayer.
  9. The Eternal Flame Dies Out: Rome Loses The Siege of Veii

    Darius III would flee from the battlefield. Artaxerxes III chose to fight and kill his adversary. Tiribazos has a chance to to salvage something of the situation if he manages to make deal with Autophradates and Datames and send them into the opposite parts of Empire. He can probably regain...
  10. AHC - Poland-Lithuania absolute monarchy, by 18th century

    I like early Jagiellonian solution. And Casimir would show them a fig gesture and support his brother (for the prize of Lituanian crown I suppose). After all he was a Lithuanian prince used to more absolutist rules in his realm. I think that the immediate result of this development would be...
  11. WI: Poland and Hungary swap fates on Mongol invasion

    Wouldn't his legitimacy be too tarnished if he gave up on battle? Another way to accomplish it would be to let him survive the battle of Legnica. The Mongols there were only interested in neutralizing forces of realms north of Carpathian mountains, their real goal was Hungary. It wasn't a shame...
  12. WI:Charles XII takes Polish Throne and tries to spread Lutheranism?

    You want a lutheranism spread by Swedish guy right after the Deluge? No way. The best chance for reformation in Poland was second half of XVI century, later counterreformation kicked in.
  13. That Wacky Redhead

    I have seen Dynasty and Dallas but they were aired in Polish TV about a time when I started to get bored with overlong TV-series. I really admire fans with attention span able to comprehend all heroes, heroines and threads from hundreds of episodes, it's too much to me. I remember that...
  14. April 1942 Alternate Indian Ocean

    Somehow I suspect that ITTL the Japanese have been more satisfied with the showdown on Indian Ocean than in OTL. At least they had their real battles. They could feel that they still kicked asses - they have sunk some battleships, they discovered and wrecked a secret base and they bombed Colombo...
  15. Help me poison 18th century royalty!

    This can be useful:
  16. Es Geloybte Aretz - a Germanwank

    I glanced into German wikipedia and saw that Mazurek Dąbrowskiego (this is a correct Polish title) is known there as "der Dombrowski-Marsch". I think that it can be slightly confusing as mazurka (mazurek in Polish) and march (marsz in Polish) are different melodies with different metrums. I...
  17. Es Geloybte Aretz - a Germanwank

    I believe the author meant "Dąbrowki's Mazurka".
  18. Apollinis et Dianae: A Story of Power, Magnificence and Glory

    Why is Crete disguised as Cyprus on this map?
  19. The Eternal Flame Dies Out: Rome Loses The Siege of Veii

    One of these challenges is Artaxerxes III Ochus - a man of incredible perseverance. Alexander only had to spar with Darius III - who was probably quite good administrator but poor general. And Alexander set to conquer the world after he had made an example of Thebes - and Jason left Demosthenes...
  20. The Eternal Flame Dies Out: Rome Loses The Siege of Veii

    So now we have Hellene-Macedonian invasion of Persian Empire 24 years early and Egypt is still independent, Phoenicia ready to revolt (so its fleet can't be used by Persians to break supply lines of an invader). No siege of Halikarnassos, no resistance of local satraps so Jason can march quicker...