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  1. WI: India's economy booms, China's lags despite the Deng reforms

    There may also be ramifications for the Commonwealth too, since it's going to be much more dominated by India.
  2. Trent Affair Goes Hot

    AKA the Four Stage Strategy:
  3. Trent Affair Goes Hot

    I have, and it's not particularly plausible. Also, it's a work of fiction, and the examples I provided all happened in real life.
  4. Trent Affair Goes Hot

    Nations can't afford to hold eternal grudges, and WW1 is fifty years away (Germany hasn't even unified yet). The US annexed Texas and California from Mexico, yet that didn't cause Mexico to seek eternal vengeance. Neither did Columbia after the US helped Panama secede. Austria lost a war to...
  5. Trent Affair Goes Hot

    The British reaction would probably be something like 'that's nice. Now, about reparations...'
  6. Wrapped in Flames: The Great American War and Beyond

    I don't think France would go to war with Britain for the sake of Mexico. 1914 is fifty years away. There may not even be a WW1, and in any case, by that time, the US is unlikely to be basing its geopolitical strategy around events from fifty years ago (or at the very least, there will be other...
  7. Prevent Jim Crow laws?

    Sherman would not be happy about that - he wasn't an abolitionist and didn't believe in racial equality. Also, he was tired of fighting by the end of the war, and wanted it to be over (as did pretty much everyone on both sides).
  8. A very different Brazil : Federative Commonwealth of Brazil

    I think you might have made an error in the wikibox - the monarch is listed as 'Elizabeth II.'
  9. What would America look like today if Reconstruction hadn't been abandoned?

    Not really. Most just wanted the South to be reintegrated, and were happy to sacrifice civil rights for that purpose (there were some who cared about black rights, but those were in a minority). To avoid Reconstruction being abandoned, you either need the North to care a lot more about civil...
  10. The Sun, The Stars and The Sickle: Alt-WWII and a Tripolar Postwar World

    I think it's fairly obvious, however, that any system which gives Nobusuke Kishi the vote, but not Keiko Miyabara, is a system with some rather serious flaws.
  11. What would it take for the current technology existed 30 years ago?

    No, it's war that leads to short-term boosts in existing technologies. In wartime, you wan't new weapons and equipment right now - you don't have time to wait to invent a new one. It's peace that helps with long term scientific development, especially as it doesn't kill of a significant fraction...
  12. What would it take for the current technology existed 30 years ago?

    Europe and North America aren't fighting each other, and are still making significant advances in technology. War isn't necessary to for scientific advancement.
  13. The Sun, The Stars and The Sickle: Alt-WWII and a Tripolar Postwar World

    There also aren’t all the atrocities the Japanese did, like the Rape of Nanking. The Chinese are probably better off as a people, even if they’re worse off as a nation.
  14. White Victory in Russia; Horrible?

    Well, by that argument you can argue that colonialism helped defeat the Nazis, since the Raj provided a massive volunteer army for the British. I'm not sure India would see it that way, though. Also, industrialization didn't require Stalin repeatedly to ignore the warnings of the build-up to...
  15. How much longer could European Empires last without WW1?

    Actually, even today, fifty years after independence, India’s economy is still only about as large as Britain’s.
  16. The Sun, The Stars and The Sickle: Alt-WWII and a Tripolar Postwar World

    Not to mention that the US armed forces are still segregated (as are the New Zealand forces, although that was because the Maori wanted it that way). The IJA isn't that bad by comparison.
  17. WI: The US sides with Argentina during the Falklands War?

    Haig did want to give the Argentinians military intelligence about an impending British attack, though. Apparently he thought it would help the US appear to be a neutral arbiter to Argentina (for some reason he wasn't worried about the British considering the US to be neutral).
  18. Our Fair Country: The Commonwealth of New England

    I wouldn't be surprised if Ireland is officially in favor of unification, but unofficially against it (because then they have to deal with the IRA and unionists), while the UK is the other way around (because then it becomes Ireland's problem).
  19. AHC: Make Imperial China a more gender equal society.

    I think what would probably help a lot in achieving a more gender equal society is improving the rates of childhood mortality and maternal deaths. It's hard to achieve a gender equal society if women have to have a lot of children just to have some survive to adulthood, and a lot of women die in...
  20. The Anglo-Saxon Social Model

    Except in this case there are more English people in Wales than Welsh people (that is, there are more non-Maori than Maori in New Zealand).