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  1. Down Under Thunder: Australian Auto Racing
    Threadmarks: New Locations

    The Amaroo Park race was dominated by the V8 class as expected due to the track while short only had two main braking zones so the power of the Commodores and Falcons outpaced the more nimble 2L class cars. The 2.5L BMW could race with the V8 but still dropped down the field with Longhurst being...
  2. AHC: The US with a high speed rail system as prolific as in East Asia or western Europe

    For HSR to come to the USA other forms of transport must not be as heavily subsidized, for example instead of having freeways built by government all over the place have private companies building the roads and charge tolls like the a POD...
  3. Down Under Thunder: Australian Auto Racing
    Threadmarks: The 1993 Season: part 2

    In 1993 the ATCC rounds were split into 2 heats for the classes (one heat per class) and then a combined final with each class lining up on each side of the grid until the class with the fewest cars runs out of entries and then the rest of the grid if filed by the other class. It was decided...
  4. Down Under Thunder: Australian Auto Racing
    Threadmarks: The 1993 season: part 1

    The Silly season With the confirmation that the touring cars would race on the ovals Holden forced Walkinshaw’s Holden Racing Team to comit to building a car that was fast on ovals as well as road courses. Holden also pressured Walkinshaw to hire HRT endurance driver Allan Grice because of his...
  5. Down Under Thunder: Australian Auto Racing
    Threadmarks: 1993 Australian Touring Car Oversight Body combined Calendar

    Class abbreviation and description Group 3A Touring – 3A – Normally aspirated, two wheel drive cars complying with the 1992 CAMS Group 3A regulations Aussie V8 5L Touring – V8 – The new combined regulations 2.0 Litre Class II Touring Cars – 2L - The new FIA touring car regulations AUSCAR –...
  6. Down Under Thunder: Australian Auto Racing
    Threadmarks: Bob Jane’s Gamble

    Building Australia’s first high Banked paved oval and bringing NASCAR to Australia in 1988 cost at least 50 million initially, and in an interview later in his life Jane said it cost all up halve a billion. Jane was a savvy business man with his tyre company Bob Jane’s T-mart having stores...
  7. WI: Chunnel is Made in the Interwar Years

    Here is a Butterfly, a tunnel would allow more men and equipment to be sent, would Britain fight more to hold Calais, thus the Germans would focus on capturing the entrance, slowing the advance through the rest of France and therefore they do not lose as many factories and the believe they can...
  8. Down Under Thunder: Australian Auto Racing

    That just makes it more interesting, this timeline will be more about politics, i may not even post full race results.
  9. Down Under Thunder: Australian Auto Racing

    This is going to be my motorsport time line focusing on the Australian V8, In TTL the name V8 supercars wont be used. I may not stick to writing a linear time line.
  10. Down Under Thunder: Australian Auto Racing
    Threadmarks: Resurgence of the Aussie big bangers.

    In the early 1990’s the Federation International Automobile’s (FIA) global touring car formula Group A was coming to an end, with spiraling costs and the failure of the World Touring Car Championship to last more then one season saw the auto-racing world to look to alternatives. The Australian...
  11. Map Thread XX

    After the 1968 nuclear war, Europe and North America was left devastated. The mas exodus that resulted afterwards was the largest movement of people in history as the world population shifted southwards. The map bellow is used in History text books to show major organised evacuations. South...
  12. Alternate names for tanks

    Mobil Armored Artillery Mary
  13. AHC Australia with a great desert city like Las Vegas

    There is not enough water, when major cities have water restrictions and towns ship in water by trucks, it is just not possible, The Colorado is filled by melt water and rain from the Rockies, The Darling river is filled by sand and dead fish.
  14. UK sized Congressional Districts

    Historically you could get a 100 000% deviation
  15. Olympic Auto Racing

    A motor racing Olympics would more be aimed for amateurs then manufactures.
  16. WI: Sports Hooliganism In The US?

    In Australia i want to point out the weirdness with hooligan behavior here, the two most popular leagues, the Australian Football League (Aussie Rules)(AFL) and the National Rugby league (NRL) do not have much history of hooliganism and violence even though most of the teams are very close to...
  17. Map Thread XVII

    That city is Melbourne, so are you saying in 2 years it will be annexed by india
  18. Recovery Time from 1962 World War Three

    Only the very advance technology such as rockets and other tech that the US and USSR governments keep secret. most household and automotive technology is already manufactured in the southern hemisphere. Now the rate of technological progress slows as there is a huge drop in human capitol.
  19. Map Thread XIII

    The Map is a at December 31st 1962, so only a bit can be done in a few months, in 1963 Japan dose invade the Kuriles after it is sure the SU is no longer a threat. Mexico still has a claim it has just done nothing about it yet with it preoccupied with Cuban and American Refugees. Bahrain is...