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  1. JMT

    What happens to Switzerland and the European Microstates after a Nazi Victory?

    Assuming the Nazis defeat the Soviets in the field and starve the British out, Fascism would have held despotic sway over all of continental Europe. My question is, what would happen to Switzerland and the small European states such as Luxembourg, San Marino or Andorra in such a scenario?
  2. JMT

    AHC: Charleston, South Carolina is the US's largest city

    As it says, your challenge is to make Charleston the US's largest city, around the size of OTL New York. The POD must be after 1781, and the country must remain unified after the Civil War.
  3. JMT

    Another 9/11

    Ok, so, what if Osama Bin Laden decided not to strike the US on September 11th? What if, instead, a major storm cell developed over DC and spawned an EF-5 tornado that directly collided with the White House? Since Bush is in Florida, how does the nation react to DC being destroyed by nature?
  4. JMT

    WI: Henry VII sponsors Columbus?

    After his rejection by John III of Portugal, Christopher Columbus sent his brother to the court of Henry VII to ask for sponsorship. In our timeline, the Tudor monarch declined, which led to the Italian eventually gaining the support of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain. What if Henry, who, like...
  5. JMT

    WI: John Adams wins in 1800?

    John Adams famously became the first one-term President by virtue of his defeat in the 1800 Presidential Election by Thomas Jefferson. However, what if that had not happened? How could Adams win, and what would a second term for John Adams look like?
  6. JMT

    AHC: Georgia Keeps Slavery Banned

    From 1735 to 1750, the Georgia colony had a ban on African slavery. Your challenge is to continue this until abolition spreads across the North American continent.
  7. JMT

    Edward VII- Another 10 Years

    Edward VII reigned for a short nine years following his mother's six decades in power. What if the son of Queen Victoria, the affable "Uncle of Europe" had had another ten years of life? If he had reigned through the First World War?
  8. JMT

    WI: Papal-Mongol Alliance?

    Throughout the era of the Crusades, various rulers of the Mongols and among Western Christian Europe thought of an alliance between the two powers in order to combat the Muslim armies to their south. What if this had come to pass?
  9. JMT

    AHC: Russo-American Alliance

    In history and the present day, the US and Russia are fierce rivals. Yet, under the Tsars, the US counted Russia an ally, and again against the Nazi menace, the Americans and Russians fought together. Your challenge is to create a stable and long-term Russian-American alliance, along the kind of...
  10. JMT

    AHC: University Constituencies in the US

    In the UK, universities used to be constituencies unto themselves. Your challenge is to import this to the post-Independence United States. Bonus points if it lasts to the present day.
  11. JMT

    AHC: President Elvis Presley

    Your challenge is to create a scenario by which Elvis Presley is elected and serves as President of the United States. You cannot use a Point of Divergence after Elvis' return to the United States after his military service, which occurred on March 2, 1960. How can it be done?
  12. JMT

    Sports AHC: Keep the Southern Conference together

    The Southern Conference would be a hyperpower of modern sports if it still existed in its 1930 incarnation. I challenge you to keep it that way.
  13. JMT

    WI: No Wilmington Rebellon

    In 1898, Wilmington, North Carolina was the site of the nations' first and only coup d'etat when the Republican elected government was deposed. What if this had not happened, and the subsequent black exodus did not either?
  14. JMT

    DBWI: JFK Killed in 1963

    Apparently, there was this crazy guy who was plotting an assassination attempt of Kennedy in Dallas in 1963. What if it had happened and John Kennedy had died in Dallas?
  15. JMT

    No Valvano Cancer

    If Jim "Jimmy V" Valvano had not contracted cancer and died at age 47, how would the history of collegiate basketball change?
  16. JMT

    AHC: Kill the NCAA

    The NCAA is the monopolistic organization governing college sports in America. Your challenge is to at least make two of the "Power Five" conferences leave the organization as a whole. You cannot make any adjustments before August 29, 1997.
  17. JMT

    Alternate Colonization of North America

    In 1606, a fire breaks out at the headquarters of the Virginia Company in London, destroying the building's interior entirely and putting an end to the idea of a corporate settlement in North America. About 20 years later, however, a different group of English settlers arrive in what was to...
  18. JMT

    WI: Charlotte Successful?

    In the late 1800s in North Carolina, there was a problem to be solved. Where would we put our new agricultural college? In OTL, this was solved when a Raleigh area farmer donated a significant amount of land to the state government, land that would form the core of North Carolina State...
  19. JMT

    Chances of an Austria-Hungary-style arrangement in the Iberian Union?

    As the title says, what would be the chances of a Dual Monarchy in Iberia?
  20. JMT

    WI: Gay Harry

    In 2003, Harry Potter was a literary and cultural juggernaut. The first two films had already seen release, and the world was waiting for the release of the fifth installment of the franchise. What would be the reaction in our world to JK Rowling, without telling anyone until release, making...