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  1. scourge

    The House of Daniel

    So I just bought The House of Daniel by Harry Turtledove today. It seems pretty interesting. It's set during the Great Depression and it's about a baseball team called the House of Daniel. It's set in a world where magic exists and creatures like zombies, vampires, elves, etc live side by side...
  2. scourge

    A Newfoundland less Canada

    In OTL on June 3 and July 22, 1948,the citizens of Newfoundland voted in two referendums whether to join the Dominion of Canada or to keep being their own dominion. They voted yes. What conditions would have to exist for them to keep being their own country?
  3. scourge

    More successful Ghost Dance movement

    What if the Ghost Dance movement was more widespread than it was OTL?
  4. scourge

    Russian California

    What if the Russians had invested more into their Fort Ross colony instead of abandoning it to invest more in Alaska like they did in OTL ?
  5. scourge

    US/Iranian Alliance post 9/11 ?

    I recall reading an article that after 9/11 the Iranian government offered their help to defeat the Taliban and Al Qaeda , but the Bush administration ignored it. What if Bush had said yes ? Would the Taliban remain vanquished and Bin Laden captured and executed after his trial ? Would we still...