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  1. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    It was known the Germans had Radar pre war, what they are trying to conceal is the airborne part. Its why OTL they put out silly things such as carrots helping with night vision etc.
  2. A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    Most likely borders for Poland are OTL plus the bits of East Prussia the soviets carved off. Why, Stalin knows the Entente does not want to fight for Kresy and Poland is the key frontline state not Germany ITTL going into the Cold War.
  3. The Queen is Dead!: Katherine of Aragon dies in 1518

    It was the legal means of execution in England for poisoners a bit later ( still Henry VIII but 1530's if I remember ), so its not beyond the pale.
  4. A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    My take is that Poland is going not to insist on an occupation zone , its going to demand annexation of East Prussia , Danzig and probably the Oder-Neisse line. Bit like France in 1918, its in the never again, defensible borders mode. As per OTL , given what the German's have done, the ethnic...
  5. HMS EAGLE in the Falklands

    These days all US ships tend to be people , places or historic battles with an occasional exception for a famous ship. Birds, in WW2, would indicate a mine hunter or similar.
  6. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    Yup, the detector the German's had success with, Flensburg, was detecting Monica's emissions. Naxos, which would detect HS2, was more effective on U-boats for warning of ASV equipped aircraft rather than in the air. It only could detect the 10cm H2S, not the latter 3cm versions and was by all...
  7. April 1942 Alternate Indian Ocean

    HMS Manxman should be minelayer not minesweeper, slight difference in size/speed :-)
  8. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    The answer is yes but. You can do it but have two issues , the size and weight of the antenna needed will increase. Today oceanographers use HF radars ( so wavelength in 10's of meters, its approximately the normal wavelength of ocean waves they are interested in ) to map ocean surface...
  9. AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    Think you mean dorsal not ventral as the Lancaster's turrets were front, back and top :-). The top and nose turrets were removed on all the special Lancaster's used to carry Grand Slam bombs as , for obvious reasons, weight was a major issue. The Dambuster machines likewise lost the upper...
  10. German-Polish alliance in 1939 after the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact

    Problem is , it requires Nazi's to be non Nazi's. When you regard Poland as the rightful property of the Aryan Race, illegally infested with Slav's and Jews who need purging, it sort of gets in the way. Mein Kampf makes in clear Hitler was all about erasing Poland, some of the things that were...
  11. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    Problem is with that analysis is that it does not cover the negative effect of all the strategic materials that Italy needs, that Germany has not got enough of already. The key ones that spring to mind are oil and natural rubber. Germany has a deficit of the first and no access to sources at...
  12. AHC : Worst possible US Navy

    There are lots of nuclear satellites, they just tend to be using decay batteries not reactors ( they just use natural decay to produce power , there is no chain reaction ).
  13. How Avoidable was WWI?

    Where did I say they would be part of Serbia? Croatia is an independent country these days, it was the preferance given after WW1 but overruled ( may have also included Slovenia as they had worries about being viable on their own )
  14. How Avoidable was WWI?

    I'm a bit disturbed by this. Are you saying Croats and Bosniaks are not Slavs? Are you saying they were not unhappy at being second class citizens? Are you saying Serbia was not aiding those wanting more rights ( for its own benefit/reasons of course )? I never said all the Slav's wanted to...
  15. How Avoidable was WWI?

    Austrias's problem was, by this time, that its Slavic population wanted the same rights as Hungarians and the Hungarians would rather Hell freeze first. So Austria and Serbia started a dance that was always going to end up with blows or a split of AH. It was as much about Serbia as Austria but...
  16. Two Deaths at Bosworth

    Given the era any woman is out as a claiment on their own. The memory of Anarchy meant no one would accept another Matilda. So it all boils down to who's army is in better shape and backroom dealing. The actual strength of the claim is not going to matter all that much as long as its good enough...
  17. Stanley Baldwin's Successful Political Gamble: A TL from 1923

    That was due to Churchill, as an ex First Lord, thinking he knew better and micromanaging instead of letting the man do his job. Otherwise he would have been in the cabinet. It is remarkable how much effort was needed just getting Churchill to see sense on his more grandiose schemes. He...
  18. Stanley Baldwin's Successful Political Gamble: A TL from 1923

    A War Cabinet that does not include the First Lord of Admiralty seems very strange for this period.
  19. WI: Black Buck raids with F-111K's?

    As the F111K was never built, arguing about its capabilities is a bit moot. However if we assume it actually met its design specification ( a rare feat ) then the Victor tankers are not an issue. With no need to go supersonic, it can cruse its way down, with a smaller payload but still doable (...
  20. And All Nations Shall Gather To It - A Crusades TL

    At the time we are talking the Christian population is still quite high , in coastal Syria, including what is now Lebanon, they are the majority and even in Palestine the Muslims are only a plurality with about a quarter of the population being estimated as being catholic in 1187 and obviously...