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  1. JMT

    What happens to Switzerland and the European Microstates after a Nazi Victory?

    Assuming the Nazis defeat the Soviets in the field and starve the British out, Fascism would have held despotic sway over all of continental Europe. My question is, what would happen to Switzerland and the small European states such as Luxembourg, San Marino or Andorra in such a scenario?
  2. JMT

    AHC: Charleston, South Carolina is the US's largest city

    As it says, your challenge is to make Charleston the US's largest city, around the size of OTL New York. The POD must be after 1781, and the country must remain unified after the Civil War.
  3. JMT

    DBAHC: Screw Spain

    Have Portugal seperate and have Spain lose the Vancouver War to the Anglo-American alliance? If America gets hold of the gold in Las Californias...
  4. JMT

    Cities that wouldn't exist if borders were different.

    A united Carolina probably would see a city around OTL Lumberton or maybe as far west as Charlotte built as the planned capital instead of Raleigh and Columbia.
  5. JMT

    Cities that wouldn't exist if borders were different.

    In a TL where the US's center of gravity is farther north, Philadelphia could remain capital.
  6. JMT

    Empire of Freedom: The History of the American Empire

    I'll cast my lot for Marshall. By the way, you should change the county Morrison owns land in to southern Cabarrus County, as it was split away from Mecklenburg in 1792.
  7. JMT

    Empire of Freedom: The History of the American Empire

    Name: Jason Morrison Birthplace: Wilmington, North Carolina Date of Birth: 5/25/1765 Sex: Male Culture: Southern Political Leaning: Royalist Background: Descended from the powerful Morrison merchant family of Edinburgh, Scotland, Jason inherited the family business at age 13. After serving with...
  8. JMT

    Empire of Freedom: The History of the American Empire

    Divine Right!Washington? Alright, I'm game.
  9. JMT

    Explain the AH Quote

    Quote from Demons and Generals, a satirical account of the Plains Wars written by mockustorian Jack Kennedy. "Good news, the Americans have launched their seismic weaponry!" "Wait, that's not good news at all. That's the end of the world!"
  10. JMT

    Favorite Small Countries to Remain/Become Independent?

    Catawba. Cherokee. Iroquois. Just more Native American states in general.
  11. JMT

    List of monarchs III

    What if...the United States went monarchical? [1] Gilbert (House of Lafayette) 1791-1834 Gilbert de la Fayette, the prominent French diplomat and warrior who helped the United States win its Independence. Following the Great Rebellion led by Daniel Shays, the great and the good of the new...
  12. JMT

    (Historical) Annexxations/Mergers We Would Have Liked To See.

    The North Sea Empire United States of Greater Austria Surviving Soviet Union Caribbean Federation Scottish Empire
  13. JMT

    What Would be the Capital of a Secessionist North?

    What about Buffalo? Centrally located, on the Erie Canal so it has sea access but not so direct that Naval protection will be an issue.
  14. JMT

    US States that begin with the letters B, E, J, Q, X, Y, and Z

    Brandenburg- Formed from German and Czech-speaking regions of Texas. Capital: Fredricksburg Empire- NYC secedes from New York. Capital: New York Jefferson- Third state in Cascadia, in OTL Northern California. Capital: Eureka Quebec- Joins the ARW. Capital: Quebec City Xenoia- Formed as a...
  15. JMT

    AHC: Ross Perot Wins or Deadlocks in 1992

    What if Clinton just doesn't win the Primary? Have Brown win or have an alternate popular Southern Democrat jump in.
  16. JMT

    Explain the AH Quote

    -Except from L'etat, C'est Pepin, a biography on Revanchist dictator Francois Pepin, who led the French during the War of '38. " ordain and establish this Constitution for the Republic of Carolina. Done at Charlotte, August 29th, 2035."
  17. JMT

    DBAHC screw the CSA

    Ah. my fault. If Young dies on schedule and Brigham II averts the Year of Three Apostles, that would probably avert the Mormon Crusade right after the Resumption War. If not, a stronger Southern Alliance might invite Deseret as a co-partner. That solves Confederate dominance in the West, but...
  18. JMT

    DBAHC screw the CSA

    If Young dies, who becomes Emperor, do you think?
  19. JMT

    Best and or most underused pods pre 1900?

    Football in its original state (the sport that went on to spawn association, rugby, Australian, Canadian and American Football) is never developed.
  20. JMT

    DBAHC screw the CSA

    I just don't know how much the Mexicans and Union by themselves can retard Confederate power. It might behoove Charlotte and Mexico City to sponsor rebellions in the Confederate West as well. Perhaps recognizing the Deseret Empire could work?