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  1. 2nd Balkan War, can it be avoided?

    While the Balkan League triumphed over the Ottoman Empire in the 1st Balkan War, disputes over the allocation of conquered land, and the wild card of the formation of Albania, would, with other disputes and factors, lead to the 2nd war with everyone against Bulgaria. With the 2nd war avoided...
  2. A nifty trick for those with a historical atlas

    Materials you will need: Parchment paper a sharpened pencil A historical atlas (I use the DK World History Atlas) A blank political map (real life or digital, it does not matter) As we know, there are many great blank maps that have present day borders drawn across them. While this is...
  3. Alternate US & CSA states in the case of a split nation?

    We have many examples of a divided United States, but what sorta evolution of the state divisions in both the US and CSA would occur? would we see the splitting of the territories in the US into larger or smaller divisions? would the CSA split it's states and create new territories?
  4. effects of a Tsarist Alaska on non-Soviet europe?

    I have often wondered, what the relationship between Europe and a exiled Tsarist state in Alaska would have? It seems all to easy to make a comparison of the Taiwan straights for the relations between the Soviet Union and Tsarist Alaska, and for the US, it would make a excellent Bulwark against...
  5. Strange coincidences relating to your life and AH.

    Example, The server I am on for WoW is named Draka, and it got picked randomly out of 30 servers, a Coincident?
  6. The Ottomans, Rise of the Turkish Empire it appears to be quite the interesting game, it is a board game. I don't know if it does qualify as a AH game, but it does have to do with the Ottoman Empire, which we all like.
  7. Successfull German Settlement in Venezuela

    What would the effects be if the German Settlements in Venezuela, were most of the colonists were killed by disease and hostile natives. during the 16th century had a more successful outcome then OTL, and the Bankers who started the colony were not stripped of control. Would this colony remain...
  8. New Territorys lease 199 years instead of 99 years

    What would be the effects of the lease on the New Territorys in Hong Kong had been 199 years instead of 99 years as in our timeline as the result of the Conventions of Peking in 1860? What would the effects of a Hong Kong still under British control to this day would be?
  9. A Different UN Resolution 1514

    UN Resolution 1514 deals with decolonization of colonies of other powers, it sums up in this statement at the beginning of the Resolution: "Declaration on the granting of independence to colonial countries and peoples." but what if it said: "Declaration on the granting of independence to...
  10. Diplomacy - the game well what do you guys think, not much as Alternate History as one would expect, but it still has a nice early 20th century feel to it.