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  1. WI no NDP surge in 2011 Canadian election

    What if the NDP did not get the surge in support they received in the 2011 Canadian election and the Liberals weren't forced into third place and the Bloc Quebecois did not lose most of its seats? I made these changes to the election results: Quebec; NDP -27%, Conservative +5%, Bloc +15%...
  2. What if the PCs did better in the 1993 Canadian election?

    The 1993 Canadian election is a pretty interesting AH topic given how volatile the political environment in Canada was and how there was much potential for different results, in particular the PCs winning or not doing as badly. As the PoD, let's have it that Jean Charest wins the PC leadership...
  3. WI 2010 midterms weren't as bad for Democrats?

    The 538 tool is useful but it was made in 2018, 7 years after the redistricting occurred and during that time political circumstances have changed and trends have changed the leans of districts. Here's a summary of the post-2010 Oregon redistricting, IOTL a bipartisan deal was reached due to...
  4. WI 2010 midterms weren't as bad for Democrats?

    That could be a PoD, though I hadn't actually decided on the PoD.
  5. WI 2010 midterms weren't as bad for Democrats?

    What if Democrats won all races they lost by 4% or less in 2010? I was making alternate results and this is what I got; 2010 Senate elections Harry Reid-Democratic: 53-4 Mitch McConnell-Republican: 45+4 Independent: 2_ 100 seats 51 for majority Illinois: Alexi Giannoulis(D) defeats Mark Kirk(R)...
  6. A Kinder, Gentler Nation Continued: A Collaborative Bush wins '92 TL:

    Who won the debates? Were any zingers scored by either candidate? And also, I forgot why Tim Kaine was so unpopular that he got primaried.
  7. A Kinder, Gentler Nation Continued: A Collaborative Bush wins '92 TL:

    Oh yeah I just read through this and realized the 2016 general election was never done. Paul vs Teachout, right? That will be interesting, maybe I should do it myself but idk if I'll be committed enough.
  8. The Cause Endures: The Presidency of Edward M. Kennedy

    Very interesting TL and a good idea behind it, I look forward to seeing where you go with this. Subscribed!
  9. Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes V (Do Not Post Current Politics Here)

    2004 Canadian election without the unpopular McGuinty budget in Ontario, Liberals win all seats lost by 4% or less to the Conservatives in Ontario. 2004 Canadian election-Ontario results Liberal: 87 seats 46.7% Conservative: 14 seats 29.5% NDP: 5 seats 18.1% 106 seats 53 for majority While the...
  10. What if the PCs did better in the 1997 Canadian election?

    Any thoughts on this scenario?
  11. WI: Bill Weld defeated John Kerry in the 1996 Massachusettes Senate Election

    This reminds me of this thread of mine (, 1996 ultimately may not have been possible for Weld to actually win.
  12. What if the PCs did better in the 1997 Canadian election?

    What if the Progressive Conservatives had done better in the 1997 Canadian election? Charest got a post-debate bounce and they polled as high as 25% in that election, though in the end got only 19% of the vote and given the inefficient distribution of their support this translated to only 20...
  13. Alternate Electoral Maps III

    1960 US election-Nixon wins all states lost by 1% or less Richard Nixon/Henry Cabot Lodge-Republican: 283 EV 50.05% John F Kennedy/Lyndon Johnson-Democratic: 246 EV 49.22%
  14. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    Nixon 1960 win.
  15. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    I won as Ford on Normal, doing better than 90.9% of players.
  16. Alternate Electoral Maps III

    Oh right. The campaign was pretty volatile (though I'd argue Bush's chances of winning are overrated in AH and there'd need to be several PoDs for him to win), if Perot didn't withdraw in June he'd probably have gotten more support but if anything this could be underestimating him. Perhaps a...
  17. Alternate Electoral Maps III

    Maine 2nd district was the closest he got IOTL he only lost by 5 points there while losing by 8 points statewide.
  18. The Campaign Trail Game Has Returned.

    Did better than 88.8% of players as Carter, getting 403 electoral votes. Unfortunately I lost Virginia by 523 votes. Link
  19. Alternate Electoral Maps III

    1992 US election Bill Clinton/Al Gore-Democratic: 369 EV 41.03% President George HW Bush/Dan Quayle-Republican: 168 EV 35.47% Ross Perot/James Stockdale-Independent: 1 EV 22.91%