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  1. Potential Conflicts Following WWIII in 1962?

    So I've been on a Cuban Missile War kick as of late. What major conflicts would occur in the 21st century, nearly 50 years after the nuclear exchange and reconstruction?
  2. Disease propagation after the bombs drop?

    After the nuclear exchange blasts away most of civilization, how badly would disease outbreaks affect the survivor? How widespread would the epidemics be? Which diseases would possibly be the most virulent? Timeframe is post-1983.
  3. WI: Operation Ajax fails, Mosaddegh assassinated later by Fedayeen?

    Speculation over the butterflies that come out from Operation Ajax's failure or success are numerous, but I want to explore a different line of questioning. Say for whatever reason, Operation Ajax fails and Mosaddegh consolidates his power as head of Tudeh. One year later however, he is...
  4. Kyujo Coup - Alternative War Minister besides Anami?

    Topics involving Kyujo Coup and Operation Downfall tend to saturate military forums, but bear with me here. During the coup, Korechika Anami sided with the Emperor's decision and chose not to back the plotters. Now, the most common WI is if Anami chose differently and sided with the plotters...
  5. Which intelligence agencies would be the least damaged when the bombs fall?

    Out of all the intelligence agencies of the U.S. alphabet soup, which would be the most salvageable if the bombs dropped during the 1980s?
  6. Did the Rio Pact have a chance?

    The Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance of 1947 was intended to serve as NATO's counterpart in the Western Hemisphere, guarding against communist influence in North and South America. Not long after however, repeat U.S. involvement in overthrowing "unfriendly" or "socialistic"...
  7. WI: No Japanese invasion in The Falcon Cannot Hear?

    EBR's The Falcon Cannot Hear was great and all, but the Japanese invasion of the West Coast was a bit much for some as I understand. With that in mind, how would the civil war have gone without the Japanese invasion?
  8. WI: MacArthur killed during Operation Downfall

    Quick question: Say the Kjujo coup succeeds and the U.S. goes forward with Operation Downfall. If General MacArthur were to be killed at some point during the operation, say by a kamikaze attack on his headquarters, does Admiral Nimitz automatically take over as Supreme Commander? Or do they...
  9. 1983: Information/resources on East and West German civil defense?

    Does anyone have any information on the civil defense resources of West and East Germany in regards to nuclear war? Did they have something equivalent to the UK's "Protect and Survive"?
  10. POD: 1986 - Gorbachev's plane disappears over Atlantic returning from Reykjavik Summit

    Following the historic, yet failed nuclear disarmament talks between Reagan and Gorbachev, contact is lost with the Soviet delegation's plane over the Atlantic. Suddenly finding themselves leaderless, the Politburo form an emergency leadership committee to take the reins. Unfortunately, the...