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  1. Have the Boeing PELICAN enter service

    That's a lot of disappointed diners.
  2. Have the Boeing PELICAN enter service

    The Americans had built the C-5. Not much smaller then the AN-225.
  3. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    Wow. Lancs in Thailand. Who would have thought. And the building of this TL's Bangkok to Rangoon railroad won't be built over the bones of slave labour. I do like this TL.
  4. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    It's rather impressive. A double derailing you see. Sheep= clothing and food. :)
  5. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    Since it doesn't look like my proposed heating and ventilation redesign for the OTL P-38 would've have been a practical approach let's take another look at would Lockheed actually did in OTL. Taking a close look at figure # 371 that EverKing has posted at post # 2679 it can be seen that, at...
  6. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    That sounds like a fun Summer time day trip when, hopefully, the pandemic is winding down. Please take a few pictures or videos if you do go. BTW, can you tell us which P-38 is owned by family friends?
  7. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    The USS Altamaha was a Bogue class escort carrier. How many aircraft could she and her sisters have been carrying on that mission? These ships could carry a lot, if the planes were disassembled for transport. Perhaps close to 100 depending on type. If a Bogue class carrier was on operational...
  8. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    I got a much better look at the centre section leading edge in this video. Going by that cutaway drawing I posted earlier I had thought it was mainly a wiring harness that runs behind the leading edge. In fact it's mainly hydraulic lines. And the previously discussed fuel line. It looks quite...
  9. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    More of a movable feast I would think. But then it's Italian, not French.
  10. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    What would be the ramifications of no Africa Corp being sent to North Africa if the British wind up the campaign in early 1941?
  11. Sir John Valentine Carden survives.

    But why not? When the superiority of the Vickers Victor starts becoming evident is there not people in the British establishment, the Army and Ministry of Supply who can use the stick of wartime government authority and the carrot of offering generous contracts to compel the other companies to...
  12. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    I didn't recognize that there were fuel lines running behind the centre section leading edge. It seems like a vulnerable spot to me. The P-38 can be flown without hydraulics and any wiring harness damage that might be inflicted by hits on the leading edge. But the pressurized fuel lines are...
  13. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    That's all good. Real life takes precedence.
  14. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    The official WW2 terminology was; "Shit! I'm out of ammo!"
  15. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    Instructor calls out "Private Brown." "YESSIR!!!"
  16. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    I'm not sure how you'd wire in windshield defrosters in bullet proof glass without weakening it. Ram air ventilation is what I'm suggesting here. With the air intakes on the engine nacelles to avoid gun exhaust being ducted into the cockpit. This also puts the air intakes location close to the...
  17. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    That is what they did in OTL. They developed an electrically heated "bunny suit" for the pilots. That solved the hypothermia problem. It didn't solve the frost forming on the inside of the windshield and canopy problem. A truly dangerous problem that one. Or the cold soaked and stiff switches...
  18. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    Yes, the whole direction of my proposed redesign is trying to take the OTL P-38 problems and solve them in the simplest and easiest way possible so as to not impact production. Adopting the NACA recommendations would be better. But I like pursuing this thought experiment of how to improve the...
  19. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    No HVAC here. Nothing higher then 24 volt DC in the P-38. Like most planes of its era. The wiring harness channel is uninsulated but it's only 6 feet in length. Being uninsulated wouldn't matter for ventilation only. But for heating sure, especially at extreme low temperatures. There has to...
  20. WI: NACA Modified P-38

    Taking a very close look at the exposed leading edge in the expanded P-38 cutaway diagram it appears that the wiring harness is securely tied down by straps every foot or so. They're not going to move around. I wouldn't think an, at most 30 or 40 degree Celsius airflow over the wiring would...