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  1. Herr Frage

    AH CHALLENGE: The Glory of Maximilian

    This idea was inspired by both the Maximiliano y Juarez thread, and the Mexican Empire from "The Discord that Follows". The subject is Archduke Maximilian of the House of Habsburg. This man stands as a tragic figure of history, a very lerberal amd reform minded royal called te People's...
  2. Herr Frage

    AH Challenge: John Tyler the Great

    This man was once PoTUS, that is the extent of my knowledge. Even most Americans seem to know little else about this man. Therefore your mission should you chose to accept it is with a POD no earlier than his inauguration make John Tyler one of the most famous, or infamous, American...
  3. Herr Frage

    DBWI: Parliamentarians Triumphant

    Alright for those unfamiliar with British History the 1640s was a time in which Politics was increasingly polarized into two factions. Since the time of Henry Tudor Parliament had increasingly grown i power until during the reign of Charles I when the Parliament directly challenged Royal...
  4. Herr Frage

    AH Challenge: Greater Bulgaria

    The challene should you chose to accept it is to make the Kingdom of Bulgaria the preminient nation in the Blakans. Requiremernts are as follows, 1. No PoD before July 7th, 1887. For Better or worse you have to deal with Prince Fredinand. 2. The Royal House of Bulgaria must remain on...
  5. Herr Frage

    A Better Mussolini

    That is the premise of "Italy 1936" by Longvin. The POD is the conclusion of the Ethiopian Conquest. Rather than flipping the world the bird after the Great Powers protest, this Mussolini works to mend his bridges with Britain and France via trade concessions in Italian East Africa. This sets...
  6. Herr Frage

    For Want of a Message: Shay Rebellion

    Here's the deal. I understand before the US constitution was created there was an uprising by lead by a Veteran named Daniel Shay. The cause was the hard ships of Western Massachustts farmers and the unwillingness for their elected government to save them from financial ruin. The situation...