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  1. Earlier Kansas Experiement

    Jack Kemp wins the 1978 NY gubernatorial election and puts his supply-side theories into practice. What would happen in NY? Will NY fall to pieces much the same as Kansas? Would failure short circuit Reagan? Are there any other supply-siders who could get control of a state and attempt to...
  2. Attlee dies in 1953

    What if Attlee dies in 1953 just after the coronation. Who would win the Labour leadership election? Gaitskell won in the first round in the 1955 election quite handsomely, but would Morrison do better 2 years earlier? I assume he would still come third but will he secure enough votes to push...
  3. Very Different Fifties

    Okay. I would love to use the collective wisdom of this austere group. Eisenhower dies sometime after the 1948 election. Dewey tries his best backroom shenanigans in 52, but Taft gets the nomination and picks Bill Knowland for balance. Stevenson flubs his convention speech and Kefauver gets...
  4. Nixon's

    Suppose Roy Kroc made a deal with Donald Nixon rather than the McDonald brothers, with the deal being made after the Hughes loan. Don is able to slowly pay off Hughes but his brother still loses in 1960. Kroc buys Don out in 1961 and following the same trajectory as McDonald's, Nixon's opens...
  5. 1956 Buenos Aires Olympics

    On 28/04/1949 the IOC and voted Melbourne host of the 1956. Melbourne won by 1 vote. Buenos Aires was the runner up. If Buenos Aires won, what would be the effect on Argentina? Australia? the wider world?
  6. AH Challenge - Henry Wilson

    I consider myself well-versed in U.S. Presidential and Vice-Presidential history, however, i have just had a jarring experience. After maybe one glass of wine too many, i stumbled across the wikipedia site of Vice-President Henry Wilson and i had no idea who he was. Could it be that he is...
  7. Map Search Help Needed

    Hi all, I'm looking for a blank map for the following flat earth map i've done a few searches but can't find anything, does one exist? any help would be much appreciated
  8. Submission Timeline

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to track down parts of the Submission TL that ran on soc.hist.what-if, a few years ago. Does anyone have a episode list or anything like that? Cheers