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  1. Have Italy be a Catholic Theocracy run by the Pope by 2021

    Maybe the Pope as constitutional figurehead monarch and an additional Primeminister as head of government.
  2. Rearmament without the Myth of the Clean Wehrmacht

    It still exists but currently on hold (for the last ten years).
  3. Could Germany invade Norway/Denmark in (an alt) WW1?

    It would be hard for the Germans to conquer the main islands of Denmark. Copenhagen was a fortress. The Entente might land troops in Denmark to counterattack. Maybe at the end there will be another trench war in Europe ?
  4. A non-Romance-speaking northern France?

    Anglo-Saxons conquer Northern Gaul ?
  5. AHC: Form alternate/new ethnic groups of the world

    Lutheranya After Martin Luther was martyred and a bloody war on the Reformation movement by the Catholic powers raged on with nowhere to go,thousands of them sought refuge in the Ottoman Empire. The Sultan thinking of a potential ally in case of war against the Catholic realms, let the refugees...
  6. DBWI: Germanic people invade continental Europe

    We would have seen Germanic States at Celtic and Roman territories. So now every state in the West now has a Romance language. Apperently the Slavs and Finno Ugrians moved into Scandinavia and Northern Germania and absorbed the local Germanics.
  7. AHC: Farthest possible offshot of Han Chinese

    Han populations at the East African coasts ?
  8. Alternate History: Explain the historical event

    The Third Restoration. After the fall of the Second Empire the Anarchist Commune took power in France creating a Anarchist Republic. Immediately after the proclamation of the new Republic the Great Powers declared war on France. The Anarchists raised an irregular Revolutionary army. Despite...
  9. Alternate names for real world cities?

    Kandahar back to Alexandria ?
  10. Alternate History: Explain the historical event

    The Curse of the Golden Apple Referred to Frederick the Great of Prussia's political situation. Paris of Troja had to chose between Athene, Hera and Aphrodite. Frederick the Great between an alliance with Empress Maria Theresia of Austria, Madame Pompadour of France and Tsarina Elisabeth. After...
  11. Russia under siege 1992

    What about a new Amur issue ?
  12. Miscellaneous <1900 (Alternate) History Thread

    Sorry, my mistake. I will be more careful.
  13. Miscellaneous <1900 (Alternate) History Thread

    Could the Dravlians have been the source of an East Slavic Empire instread of the Rus ?
  14. Slavic Denmark?

    Maybe have the Slavic Wends depart from the Baltic coasts and settle in Scandinavia.
  15. Ex-Warsaw pact militaries form private military companies [mercenaries]

    Ex Soviet militaries fought in the Ethiopian-Eritrean conflict for example and other conflicts throughout the 1990es.
  16. Alternate History: Explain the historical event

    Bolivars wild ride through the world. ,Bolivars wild ride through the world' was a romantic-revolutionary phrase from a poem. After the Unification of South America into the single state ,Bolivia' , a ideology was created mixing Bolivarism ,Liberty Theology and Socialist elements. This ideology...
  17. AHC: Form alternate/new ethnic groups of the world

    Lusatia Tatars, Brandenburg Tatars, Pommern Tatars A far Western group of Tatars split from the main groups and not unlike Polish Lipka and Lithuanian Tatars assimilated into the host countries cultures. In the Lusatian region of Thuringia and Saxony as well in Pommern and Brandenburg, Prussia...
  18. Islamic Ruled China, impact on Korea, Japan, and South East Asia.

    Oh sorry. For a strange reason the Smartphone automatically tranferred the whole website into German and I couldn't reverse it permanently. So when I made my comment and finally switched to English your comment seemed to have been saved in the German translation.
  19. Islamic Ruled China, impact on Korea, Japan, and South East Asia.

    Maybe Tibet becomes sort of an Ethiopia esque entity for Bhuddists in a widely Islamic region.
  20. West Rome in Gaul

    Maybe have Paris being rebuilt as a metropolis like Constantinople.