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  1. If They Want It Then They Can Have It.

    As a Northern Ireland catholic who lived through the troubles I am loving this story and I hope it continues
  2. Decision Points: The Presidency of Al Gore

    Was a good update im liking mccains presidency so far, better than Bush
  3. atomic bomb developed four months early?

    WI if for some reason such as extra resoruces or starting earlier or just ore luck the scientists working on bomb are able to finish them in march or april 1945 instead of august? How will this affect hte remainder of the war in both europe and the pacific?
  4. A Bridge to the 21st Century

    oh god bringing karl rove onto a campaign is never a good idea that guy just brings politics to a whole new level of low. it does seem opposition to the Afghan war is a lot stronger in this timeline probably because the terrorist attacks ITTL were so so much smaller, hopefully the war can end...
  5. A Bridge to the 21st Century

    I really am loving this timeline, would be so interesting in the end if you had Ron Paul against Mary Landrieu
  6. Black This Out- A Ron Paul 2012 Timeline

    I dont think Paul would do that well with Hispanics considering he wants to end any kind of benefits or healthcare for illegal immigrants, take away automatic citizenship for children born in the country and supports things like building a fence on the border
  7. The Whale has Wings

    that is fantastic, the Japanese fleet has been mauled, there is nothing to really stop any allied attack onto any any of the Japanese territories outside of China or the home islands really, Cant wait to see what happens next
  8. Hope Is On The Way

    i hope kerry can do something for the economy, like it probably is too late to stop the recession happening all together but hopefully can soften the blow slightly when it strikes
  9. what if Ariel Sharon did not have a stroke?

    Whit if he did have his stroke and go into the vegetable state he is in now and was able to win a victory again with his kadima party?
  10. The Discord That Follows

    well that is a major propaganda victory for the allies, now hopefully they can finish there push up into Germany soon and Britain can send more naval aid to pacific, maybe clear up the colonies. One thing I find very interesting is that the allies in this timeline a part from the Ottomans maybe...
  11. Organised crime in America without prohibiton

    How would have organised crime have developed in America if prohibition was never enacted?
  12. The Discord That Follows

    I did not realise that the Philippines had fallen but I just cant see Germany and Italy lasting too much longer unless Russia starts deploying forces to assist them. The Ottomans and French will crush Tunisia and Britain will eventually take all of East Africa. France probably will land on...
  13. The Whale has Wings

    One thing I have tosay is great update but when you say much meeded morale to the allies who have suffered nothing but disasters, I would have to disagree as only the Americans really have, the commonwealth has stopped any attacks into Burma and, fully liberated Malaya, stopped attacks onto...
  14. A Shift in Priorities

    amazing move by Japan they further there influence across the Pacific weaken the Americans, really help improve there image globally giving so much aid to a poor nation and protecting it from US attacks, if the US can not retake Hawaii which it seems they cannot, this may cause some other areas...
  15. What If The Red Army Captures Warsaw in 1920?

    well I think any kind of anti british resentment in Germany is going to be almost non existent now but Britain elsewhere will be looked upon very negatively
  16. John Cabot And Early English settlement in North America

    wow I did not think to see so much pink in the map so early
  17. Consequences of a heart attack TL

    interesting update I hope this plan will succeed and not just cause anger in both communities, the whites knowing they will lose power and the blacks having to wait so long
  18. Happy and Glorious.

    it is interesting to see how long this peace in the colonies will last, Britain may be able to hold on longer due to loosing a lot less prestige and is a in a general stronger global position but cant last for ever
  19. A Shift in Priorities

    i am dreading what will happen if Patton gets in, does anyone think once Reed and the grunts kick off there activities and more violence starts, america could be a bit like China, there is an official central government, but more power in hands of local warlords, under one unites them all
  20. A Bridge to the 21st Century

    well I think Clinton though no matter what will be able to lead America into a better future than George Bush and hopefully can stop 9/11 and keep on reducing unemployment and the debt