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  1. Get the Allies in Berlin before the Soviets

    This would work, the Western Allies essentially get Japan 1941 luck in the summer and fall of 1944. 1. Capture Caen earlier but British still tie up the bulk of the German army. 2. Breakout of Normandy earlier and close Falaise Pocket with bulk of German troops. 3. Faster breakout and less...
  2. AHC: U.S. football “Superbowl” never really takes off.

    Well I am a Bengals fan, and a masochist. But I repeat myself. ( I also know Browns fans...)
  3. AHC: U.S. football “Superbowl” never really takes off.

    Don't even get me started on the overhyped and overblown half time shows at recent Super Bowls. The more lights and smoke you have in your performance, the less musical talent you have. I'd rather see them put up a Grand National caliber high school marching band, cheaper and more...
  4. Leonardo da Vinci attacks New York harbour

    Yes, if successful, this isn't landing a bunch of amatuer spies who failed to do anything (like the Germans did). This would be the penetration of New York Harbor by the Regia Marina and the sinking of one or more merchant and/or naval vessels in one of the most important and highly visible...
  5. Leonardo da Vinci attacks New York harbour

    The Devil is in the details, but the Italians could definitely pull this off, as stated above, they had before. The details are in the harbor defenses of the Port of New York in 1942, how much intelligence the Italians had, and what targets are present on the day of the attack (since the sub...
  6. WI: UK general election in July 1914

    Assuming no butterflies, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the outbreak of war on the continent, in the middle of an election campaign, will be very interesting...
  7. 1900 hurricane does not level Galveston

    Neither, the year 1900 if off limits in this Forum. ;)
  8. British land at Tripoli in January/February '41

    High risk, high reward. If they pull it off it is a huge win. Capture a large Italian Army, end the threat to the Suez Canal, possibly have enough troops to help the Greeks or at least hold Crete and the other islands. But the devil is in the details about when and where they can land. Blow...
  9. D-Day through Denmark

    All of the above, Denmark looks good on a map, but when you start to ask the questions that planners get paid to ask, it loses its appeal rapidly. It might have been a good target in the Spring of 1945, as a flanking maneuver, if the Western Allies hadn't been across the Rhine in force at that...
  10. PC/WI: SS United States converted to Presidential Yacht?

    If we are going to go for pipe dreams I’d rather have SS United States crossing the Atlantic on a weekly passenger schedule with RMS Queen Mary.
  11. PC/WI: SS United States converted to Presidential Yacht?

    No, just no. US Presidential Yachts have been small coastal boats for recreational use. SS United States is a Blue Riband winning ocean liner. It is too big, too expensive, and not needed. Just for comparison: HMY Britannia: Tonnage: 5,769 GT Length: 412 ft (126 m) Beam: 55 ft (17 m)...
  12. Yesterday (Film)

    Yes, it's not a true alternate history, but more like sliding sideways into a similar, but not identical reality. (Note, I have not seen it yet.)
  13. Yesterday (Film)

    While not true alternate history by the standards of this site, as a fantasy, the film's concept of the Beatles not existing and the one guy who remembers them becoming a star looks entertaining. Plus the writing and cast seem well done going by the trailer (yes I know, trailers lie). Looks...
  14. DBWI: Season finale of game of empires

    The war plot is a mistake. I think they realize it and will wrap it up by the Christmas Special.
  15. Changing in the Falklands War

    ARA General Belgrano in a surface action with HM Ships Tiger and Blake...
  16. AHC: “Lesotho” in your country

    Vermont would not be an enclave with a land border with Canada, Rhode Island has access to the sea.
  17. Fatherland HBO Movie

    I think it is on VHS, never seen the DVD. Did find the book in hardcover at a Half-Price Books (In the clearance section!) not to long ago.
  18. How does France defeat the German Attack in 1940

    There were plans in place for a French Occupation of the Rhineland. The German forces in the West were very weak. Also it is is going to take time to move the German Army and Air Force from Poland to the Rhine, and they were low on munitions after the Polish campaign. I still think a...