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  1. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    fester did the number of Independence class CVLs get cut or is navy thinking the bring all 9 online for the American fleet is not needed because of the number of fleet carriers left intact.
  2. AHC: 1941-42, best possible aircraft for USN carriers

    F4U Corsair being a carrier bird was because the royal navy proved that you can land the bird on a carrier. the American had a case of that bulk of the early landing ended up as crashes or waveoffs aka the navy banned carrier usage and sent it to the marines instead
  3. Operation Torch - The Eastern option

    Casablanca was taken because the Americans wanted a port that outside of the med just incase torch caused issues with spain. tunis is doable but the britsh fleet carriers lack the fighter strength to cover the landing. plus it also placed them out of position to cover the oran and algiers...
  4. Slow Drift to War Europe 1984

    farmer12, ferdi254 seems to think that all of the front line defense units have batter weapons then the t-54, 55 tanks. some of these units ant tank resources can take out t-34s but may not be able to one shot a t- 54 or t-55, plus how long can even a m-60 last if the soviet sends in BTRs to...
  5. Days of Infamy: Invasion, Occupation, and Liberation of Hawaii (1941-1943)

    the wasp and ranger would be too small to be included with the main carrier force. but you could include them if they were committed to the assault force as air support assets for the landing force to allow a few more escort carriers to be used to ferry army fighters for land base use after the...
  6. New Balancing

    jim how large is the american army going to get in the island war. Also did the American navy ordered more ships due to the fighting.
  7. New Balancing

    jim I am assuming the larger American army is due to additional personal for the costal defense forts and to boast the infantry and cav regiments so that the can fight all of their companies instead of some not being active due to lack of privates for the units.
  8. New Balancing

    Ohio's and Kentucky's are going to replace the first two monitor classes. I also assuming that the navy after this war is going to want another class of first class battleships in the fleet. I could them offering to pull the Terror Class Monitors off active duty to get 4 more first class...
  9. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    the Boise's dual purposed guns in the orginal timeline may have been the 5 inch gun that the Saratoga get because of her spending half of 1942 in drydock due to battle damage.
  10. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    the main issue in the pacific is the lack of carrier cover for the assault forces. remember you can fly planes into the southern phillipines to cover a convoy to break the Luzon army out. but you do not have enough carrier docks right now to cover the assault force and run counterair ops by...
  11. New Balancing

    I am assuming that this time we are looking at a more detailed look at the spainish American and the years before ttl first world war. a;sp can we get a more detailed look of the naval buildup after the war.
  12. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    for the 2 Yamatos their building slips are the only drydocks able to handle them and one of them is currantly building the Shinano meaning unless the shinano is close to launching they may be only one dock to repair both ships.
  13. Germany or Japan: Which military was worse off in 1944?

    losing the assault lift at leyte gulf would have simply caused the allies to do the southern Philippines campaign first and then free Luzon in april instead of hitting iwo jima.
  14. The Union Forever: A TL

    Citizen Maverick ratings are there more people watching tv in this timeline or are there fewer free tv channels in the united states TTL. because even now in 2018 shows with that type of rating occurred also are the streaming services like Netflix or are the different networks running their own...
  15. Wrapped in Flames: The Great American War and Beyond

    union in 1862 would like look they are losing the civil war but they did not have the right military leaders or resources to win in 1862 neither. the union forces in the east are inept at attacking but a more then able even outnumbered of holding their own in a defensive campaign.
  16. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    I am thinking you can have the allied forces free southeast asia and the philipines by the end of 1943 and in the central pacific grab Guam/Marianas then several islands in the marshall and caroline islands for both air power usage and to secure a direct supply route to the western pacific...
  17. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    the southwestern philipines islands need the allies to grab at least one of them to set up a secure air cover and a forward supply point to load up convoy hulls to reinforce luzon
  18. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    remember you only need large scale fleet carrier support for the first landing in the southern phillpines. afterwards it becames a cartwheel style campaign in which you leapfrog form island to island using land base air cover to hit Luzon form the south.
  19. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    fester, I am assuming that adding more ammo to the supply list may happen if thr supply lines do not have to sneak ships past the Japanese air cover.
  20. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    another point is that task force 16 air groups are better suited to both air cover and fly ground attack flights for the marines then the british carrier forces.