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  1. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    As I see as a reader is that the central figures of this story are female at this time and so I commented on them. Every female lead character has some mental issues and I dont understand why. You can make interesting characters who are healthy and normal. The story and writing is excellent, you...
  2. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    Why oh why have al the female characters mental issues? Can't we have for a change just one normal, healthy woman in this story?
  3. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    Shortly before rhe Germans decide to park a tank army on red Square
  4. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    So. I just wanted to clear some things. After WWI the Habsburg empire collapsed. But what territory got who? Slovakia became part of the German empire but what land dose it have and why did it become part of Germany? What about Slovenia and the Sudetenlad and Transilvania? The Romanians lost a...
  5. Lone Star Republic

    As i see it the next power to go will be the ottomans. The Hungarians would want bosnia to secure its costal teritory, the serbs and greek would want to expande and the russians would want to go to war with the turks on principle.
  6. WI: Independent Habsburg Hungary in 1800s?

    An independent Habsburg Hungary is quite possible and easy to make. After the restauration of the Kingdom in 1920 just let Horthy invite back the Habsburgs or let the 1921 Habsburg rebellion succeed
  7. The Great Silent One - Moltke the Austrian TL

    What is the situation of Hungary in this war? As i understand they are going the USA way. Profiting of the war but not participating in it.
  8. Stupid Luck and Happenstance.

    Material from the nuclear program, maybe.
  9. Hungarian-Romanian war in 1988

    For a while yes but Hungary was in a much better place economically than Romania. When I was small there was nothing in the stores. I won't be exaggerating if I compare Romania from 1988 with prezent day N orth Korea. Thru, the country had few debts but the economy was shot, moral was low and...
  10. Hungarian-Romanian war in 1988

    Yes they would but just until they reached Debrecen. Then the Romanian army would run out of fuel, bullets and food. By the end of the 80s even the army was on almost starvation rations. The state would collapse economically in 1 month without outside help
  11. Batu Khan's Hungarian adventure

    This would be epic. Without the massive population loss suffered Hungary could become one of the most important nations in Europe. At the time it was a great power and witouth the loss of 1/3 of its population it would change the course of history as we know it. An interesting twist would be...
  12. Hungarian-Romanian war in 1988

    Fehérvári presented his opinion on the issue. In my opinion he is wrong but only partially. During communism there where a lot of village destruction. Some because of a megalomaniac project and others for land redistribution. But all across Romania this destructions happened. It was not aimed at...
  13. Stupid Luck and Happenstance.

    That was fast. the old general didn't last long after the war with SU
  14. Politeia tōn Rhōmaiōn: The Restored Roman Republic

    When did the Romans annex the Magyar Khanat? i thought that they where a vassal stat.
  15. A New Balance

    Nice update. The Austro-Hungarian army is really a mess. I just wanted to add that Pista and Pisti are not used as names. Both stand for Istvan and are used just amongst frends and family. Officially it's always Istvan
  16. The Matter of Ten Years – A Corvinus TL

    With no battle of Mohacs and no 180 years long Ottoman occupation the ethnic make-up of Hungary will be drastically different. There will be far more Hungarians and the minority's will be more assimilated
  17. America: A TL Retold

    This is an America f***K yeah! fic so of course they will win. And even if they loose they will conquer Canada and the Caribbean :rolleyes:
  18. "Io Mihailŭ, Împĕratul Românilor" - A Michael the Brave Romania Wank

    Before the 1800s only the clergy, official scribes and some lucky nobles could reed and write. Correspondence between nations was in latin and later french. The Romanian Ortodox church used greek like the Catholic church used latin. There is evidence that some priest tried to make a cyrillic...
  19. Austria inside: a Greater German Empire TL

    Indeed. As i see it the Romanian majority territory ramained in Hungary and the majority hungarian land (Szekelyfold) ramained in Romania. I think it will be the cause of the next war.