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  1. JudgeKing

    Japan discovers Daqing oil fields in 1935 - how does it change their foreign policy?

    Japan could also find the Liaohe oil field. IIRC, Japanese companies did prospect the area in OTL and missed it by a hundred or so meters.
  2. JudgeKing

    Military Aircraft that should have never been built?

    The North American Rockwell NR-356 should never have been selected for the VFAX program. Instead, the USN should've chosen the Convair-General Dynamics Model 200.
  3. JudgeKing

    What are plausible decisions Imperial Japan could have made after Pearl Harbor to improve their performance in the war?

    Japan could dramatically increase the number of naval aviators for its carriers if it excised some of the unnecessary bits of its curriculum (such as wrestling, pole climbing, diving, and one-handed hanging).
  4. JudgeKing

    Khaki Boots In A Bloodstained Surf - Alternate Pacific War

    So, what military operations got cancelled to make the invading Hawaii possible?
  5. JudgeKing

    Military Aircraft that should have never been built?

    After the cancellation of the F-111K came the AFVG program which was itself cancelled and replaced by the UKVG program (which also got cancelled) after that.
  6. JudgeKing

    Military Aircraft that should have entered service

    *Avro 730 *Avro Vulcan B.3 *Avro Canada C.102 Jetliner *Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow *BAC TSR-2 *Beriev S-13 *Blackburn Buccaneer P.150 *Breguet Br1120 Sirocco *CAC CA-23 *CAC CA-31 *Canadair CL-45 *Canadair CL-246 *Canadair CL-84 Dynavert *Chengdu J-9 *Convair F-106C/D Delta Dart *Convair F-106E/F...
  7. JudgeKing

    Why Canada didn't buy Phantoms?

    The primary reason that Canada didn't buy the F-4 Phantom II is that the Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter was dirt cheap.
  8. JudgeKing

    AHTL: The Battle of the Atlantic

    It's Peter Strasser, not Peter Strauss.
  9. JudgeKing

    A Matter of National Security

    Actually, the US could begin work on expanding its base infrastructure and fortifications in the Pacific as early as January 1st 1937 when the Washington Naval Treaty expired. Neither of the two London Navy Treaties renewed Article XIX of the WNT.
  10. JudgeKing

    AHC: Peerless Air Ministry

    What about misericorde?
  11. JudgeKing

    No NATO intervention in Libya

    Most likely France goes into Libya alone. Gaddafi had made himself into a loose end that needed to be eliminated after providing millions in funding to Nicholas Sarkozy's presidential campaign. He was a dead man walking after the 2007 French Presidential Election.
  12. JudgeKing

    How different would a modern day KMT one party China look compared to today's China?

    Personally, I think that the ROC would go with its OTL post-WW2 constitution.
  13. JudgeKing

    HMS Invincible

    LCS in the context of World War II stands for Landing Craft Support.
  14. JudgeKing

    WI: Germany mass produces Bob Semple tanks

    What if the Germans also build the Big Bob tank alongside the Bob Semple tank?
  15. JudgeKing

    Astronaut Hillary Rodham

    This guy. He lost the 1992 Democratic Primaries to Bill Clinton in OTL.
  16. JudgeKing

    WI: the Gloster E.28/39 developed further?

    Aeritalia G.222 - C-27 Spartan AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin - VH-71 Kestrel Agusta A109E Power - MH-68 AgustaWestland AW119 Koala - TH-119 AgustaWestland AW139 - MH-139 Alenia C-27J Spartan Antonov An-26 Bombardier Challenger 604 - C-143A Bombardier Global 6000 - E-11A Sentinel British Aerospace...
  17. JudgeKing

    Wank RCN?

    You're thinking of Canadian Power: The Canadian Forces as a Major Power by TheMann
  18. JudgeKing

    Best British interwar fleet?

    From the 1930s Royal Navy Sanity options thread: Another idea would be to standardize the secondary guns to just the 4" and 4.7" guns rather than also building 4.5" and 5.25" guns. Building all post-WWI ship classes with electrical systems that use AC (alternating current) rather than DC...
  19. JudgeKing

    HMS EAGLE in the Falklands

    To be fair though, Yarrow Shipbuilders was offering the Type 24 frigate. There was also the Type 25 which was a cut down version of the Type 22 intended for export.
  20. JudgeKing

    DBWI: How to Avoid German Civil War?

    Another good way to potentially prevent the German Civil War would be to have the Soviet Union win the 1929-1933 Russo-American War. If they'd won, Trotsky likely wouldn't have felt the need to attempt to kickstart a communist revolution in Germany.