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  1. "Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist?

    The Soviets did drop bombs indiscriminately IOTL but they tended to avoid the notion of bombing civilians. They would claim that they were dropping leaflets or food aid but contemporaneously and historiographally the assertion was that moral qualms about civilian casualties kept them from...
  2. "Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist?

    There are two in the index, one detailing revolutionary (and counter-revolutionary) activity in Germany between 1918-24 and one of Central Europe in 1936, both created by @Tsar of New Zealand Something I’ve mentioned, or at least inferred, is that some will argue that the DAR’s German Ideology...
  3. "Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist?

    It's canon, the map is in the index. :)
  4. "Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist?
    Threadmarks: Chapter LXXI

    “Who did the council fight?" "It split in two and fought itself." "That's suicide!" "No, ordinary behaviour. The efficient half eats the less efficient half and grows stronger. War is just a violent way of doing what half the people do calmly in peacetime: using the other half for food, heat...
  5. "Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist?

    I suppose the difference is that the SLP version of this work is aimed at being the "finished" product with the TL being the "draft" which I'm not really sure was the plan for Reds!, as you say it depends on the writer. The SLP version of Reds! is still well worth a read though.
  6. AHC: Make Tsar Nicholas II a communist.

    In fairness the same could have been said for Puyi who basically spent the entirety of his life in a gilded cage prior to being captured by the Soviets, even after re-education and his release by the Chinese he struggled with things like street signs and how to use money. The big problem is...
  7. "Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist?

    Thanks! Hopefully it won't be too long in coming now. In the meantime I've gotten around to adding threadmarks at long last, hope this makes things a bit easier to follow and navigate for first time readers and those who want to re-read.
  8. "Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist?

    The Kama school has played a small role in developing the mighty T-26 which the reactionaries may well soon regret. Thanks! As is usually the case many soldiers can feel conflicted in being the enforcers of a particular regime, especially in instances of Civil War where the impetus is often...
  9. Any timelines as dystopian as Anglo-American Nazi War?

    AANW isn't particularly plausible at all. I'm a fan of the work but the author himself admitted he was out to create a certain scenario rather than aim for plausibility.
  10. Who would win in 2012? Obama (D) vs. Ron Paul (R)

    States in 2012 were a lot more polarised than in 1984, whilst it’s likely Obama would have won in such a scenario it’s doubtful that Paul would have lost many more states than Romney did IOTL.
  11. A Blunted Sickle - Thread II

    From what can be garnered it’s a two sided coin; both the Entente and the Soviets are wary of each other.
  12. What if the Nagasaki bomb was delayed ten days?

    The double shock of Hiroshima and the Soviet declaration of war likely would have been enough to create the stalemate in the Japanese regime that led to the Emperor’s intervention IOTL. Anami’s assertion that The Bomb was a one-off would have held more weight but at the same time the extent of...
  13. "Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist?
    Threadmarks: Chapter LXX

    "Soldiers, the cause of peace is in your hands! Do not allow the counter-revolutionary generals to frustrate the great cause of peace, place them under guard in order to avert acts of summary justice unworthy of a revolutionary army and to prevent these generals from escaping the trial that...
  14. How to Save the Popular Front (Spanish Civil War)

    The Anarchists and Republicans never really “turned” on each other besides a few incidents on the local level, at the higher level it was more the Anarchists giving more and more ground to Republican authority (sometimes under coercion, sometimes not) until they’d basically been incorporated...
  15. Five Years Less - Brezhnev dies in 1977

    It’s refreshing to a see a TL get into the nitty gritty of economics, looking forward to more.
  16. "Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist?

    The activities of the Brigate Garibaldi began less than a fortnight after the German invasion, how did they have such a strength in infrastructure, propaganda and recruitment if they’d only had 10-12 members beforehand? I realise your original comment was an exaggeration but it’s important not...
  17. "Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist?

    If that was the case it would be rather amazing that it spontaneously popped into existence with such strength in 1943. There is a reason that the history of the Communist movement in Italy between 1924 and 1943 isn’t well documented but it isn’t because it only had 10 to 12 members during that...
  18. AHC: Make Mars Attacks! more successful than Independence Day

    Each to their own but I liked it. Not everyone in the film is portrayed as an idiot, the Williams family most prominently; there's quite a bit of heart to their story, at least as much as any of the cheese in Independence Day. Whilst it certainly does have mean spirited moments I think that can...
  19. "Our Struggle": What If Hitler Had Been a Communist?

    Actually it was more going to be that there were no major powers that hadn't gone either Communist or Fascist, similar to the global war that breaks out after the Second Revolt in Jack London's The Iron Heel. That's most likely true of OTL, and a similar scenario is investigated in @EdT's...