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  1. Look to the West Volume VII: The Eye Against the Prism

    Objective Truth, how very.... societist
  2. Look to the West Volume VII: The Eye Against the Prism

    Neat! So I'm gonna say what we're all thinking: does this mean this whole series was a long-winded prologue to an ASB timeline where Alfarus drinks a live-forever potion? :rolleyes: Talk about Meridian chemistry, am I right?
  3. In-character alternate history radio broadcasts and podcasts?

    Within the Wires is an entire podcast series set in an alternate 20th century. Each "season" is made up of a series of different styles of audio recordings (psychiatric tapes, art museum audio tours, office dictations, &c) and takes place at a different point in the timeline. It's from the same...
  4. AHC: A multipolar Cold War with alien value systems?

    I'm not sure I know what you mean by the first bit, but an Indian-led sphere where "development at any cost" is the focus would work well.
  5. AHC: A multipolar Cold War with alien value systems?

    The major requirement for such a multipolar Cold War would likely have to be isolation to some degree, to allow each superpower to consolidate itself and coalesce a worldview distinct from its future rivals before reaching out on the world stage to expand its influence. In the case of the US...
  6. AHC: A multipolar Cold War with alien value systems?

    That was just a theoretical example, but if my fictional USA got completely hung up on the "pursuit of happiness" thing early on and took a classical utilitarian approach to the extreme the definition of "success" would be expanding the net happiness of the population because what expands...
  7. AHC: A multipolar Cold War with alien value systems?

    Republicanism, Imperialism, and Theocracy, huh? While that would satisfy the multipolar portion of the AHC, I'm not sure how fully it fulfils the other condition if the major divide between the American sphere and the French one is ultimately summed up as "level of representation", although if...
  8. AHC: A multipolar Cold War with alien value systems?

    Well yes and no, while it is closer to the old model of great power competition, each superpower has a distinct and internationally applicable ideology that is both officially and unofficially endorsed by the government, and seeks to spread their particular social system to other independent...
  9. AHC: A multipolar Cold War with alien value systems?

    I think I've made it fairly clear that I absolutely adore alternate ideologies, and I'm fond of scenarios where they feature prominently. From what I've seen, there seems to be two general scenarios where alternate ideologies often come into play on this site: Multipolar Cold War settings...
  10. Separated at Birth: America and Drakia

    Then we'll set for the wonderful world of neosocietism and democratic geoism.
  11. An Examination of Extra-Universal Systems of Government

    Maybe God just can't make up his mind or delegate clearly?
  12. Separated at Birth: America and Drakia

    As to the former, it would be pretty entertaining if Rexism triumphs in Spain but a green Portugal survives as the Defense Pact's Cuba analogue. As to the latter I presume the inherent issues in the Societist program will cause Drakia to collapse before the nukes start flying, leaving the world...
  13. Superheroes and Super Villains for the Craziest ASB Countries

    I remember in that show Atlanta Florida Man is treated as a cryptid who wanders the state doing bizarre and disturbing things.
  14. Domesticated human slaves

    They were a servant race initially (albeit one that arose naturally through an ironclad class divide), the fact that their necessary work bred for greater strength and intelligence, so the positions flipped.
  15. "What Madness Is This?" Redux: The Union Forever

    So those posters are awesome, first off. Second, anybody expecting Eduism to sweep through whatever's left of the Neuties as the war grinds on? I'm hoping we get an in-depth look at Eduism like we got for Beutelism
  16. AHC: A European "Taiping Rebellion"

    In a more recent context Mormonism had a fair number of converts in Britain, many of whom immigrated to the US (to the point where Utah is one of the only states with a majority British ethnic origin). Could a splinter group settling somewhere in Europe instead create a POD that could result in...
  17. Domesticated human slaves

    It's less of a biological domestication, but I've had a recurring idea about a system of chattel slavery that implements an analogue of Newspeak from 1984 in the slave population, inspired by something I read once about some slaveowners speaking French among themselves while teaching their...
  18. Separated at Birth: America and Drakia

    Hey, this TL is "roads less traveled" in spades so there's always hope.