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  1. Hadrian's Consolidation - reboot

    There are also a lot more legions involved in pacifying Germania and Alba (eight) than are available to garrison Britannia (two). Britannia is a strategically unimportant side theater. Any legion stationed there is a drain on the empire's resources that is not available for the defense of the...
  2. Der Rote Kampfflieger - An Axis Victory TL

    ... but is she an aviator?
  3. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    He can probably find out who the other involved party in the accident was. That would be the logical starting point for trying to trace the missing envelope. Since he has been obsessing about the princess for quite some time now, he will probably recognize the name. I don't know what...
  4. Hadrian's Consolidation - reboot

    Eventually, some curious merchant or well-funded philosopher is going to explore down the coast to see what lies beyond the known horizon. It is human nature. But yeah, there is no reason why it would have to happen particularly soon. Not at that tech level.
  5. What if Germany was still split?

    100% this. Although it does not work in developing countries either, it's just less obvious since there are fewer expectations. People were always forced to improvise around the official economy, which kind of worked for a 1950s living standard but most certainly failed to provide the consumer...
  6. What if Germany was still split?

    Then East Germany would have simply collapsed within a year or two and ultimately West Germany would still have had to pay the costs - which most assuredly would not have been lower in such a scenario. That thing with the nearer standard would have remained a pipe dream as living standards would...
  7. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    Yet in Germany the RAF terror which killed fewer people than this group's indiscriminate slaughter caused an intense manhunt, multiple law changes, and eventually a government crisis in the German Autumn.
  8. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    I don't think people get how big of a deal these terrorist attacks are for a realistic country. This is not a comic book verse or a Hollywood movie were stuff like this happens all the time or something. Neither is it the wild west. We are in stodgy mid-20th century old world Europe here. This...
  9. Hadrian's Consolidation - reboot

    Alright, I have uploaded a new draft to the map post with an occupied Jutland peninsula.
  10. Hadrian's Consolidation - reboot

    Well, the bullet points for Germania and Alba say the Weser river is the dividing border. :) But I kinda agree that Germania looks pretty squeezed like that. So, should I move the dioecese border to the Elbe+Saale instead?
  11. Hadrian's Consolidation - reboot
    Threadmarks: Map 247 AD

    Alright, everyone, map update time! The Roman Empire in AD 247: Edit: Uploaded new draft of the map with changes in Jutland peninsula
  12. Hadrian's Consolidation - reboot

    I wouldn't be averse to making an updated version but the details changed a lot. The province structure would have to be redrawn for starters. Only Hecate could really pin those changes down.
  13. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    The main drawback of solid fuel is that once it burns, there is no throttling down. It will burn at full blast until the fuel is exhausted. This makes them a liability both for safety reasons as well as useless for any mission profile that is more complicated than 'generate a lot of thrust...
  14. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    The OTL Chinese intervention did not end in their complete and utter victory, but a stalemate in which both sides judged the cost of attacking was too high to be worth it. I don't see why this one should differ, just with the stalemate happenening while still near the Korean border. The US in...
  15. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    Woha. I'm probably a bit late to the party, but I didn't realize that relations had gotten that explicitly hostile. I thought diplomacy between the two powers had been frosty but almost demonstratively respectful before. This escalation in stance might be regarded as one of the turning points of...
  16. Hadrian's Consolidation - reboot

    Yes. However, just because there already is an old, limited canal doesn't mean that there is no possible use for a new, improved one. The old canal represents a detour up the Nile, is limited in size, and probably also by season. So it is going to hit its limits pretty fast once trade begins to...
  17. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    Huh. Tell that to the Apollo 15 crew. They had major trouble with their their hand-operated drill and got stuck repeatedly. And that was only to a depth of three meters or so. :) You probably wouldn't dig tunnels for a moon base. That strikes me as overly complicated. I think it is more likely...
  18. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    Uh-oh. Smells like a coup.
  19. Stupid Luck and Happenstance, Thread II

    Well, sure, but we have only seen it treated as a completely private matter so far with Kat discovering the details as if it was just her and her personal lawyer in a random civil case.
  20. A Shift in Priorities - Sequel

    Well... that's the thing with lucky streaks. It works until suddenly it doesn't. This sound like it could easily blow up in his face in a spectacular way.