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    AHC: Create a 'UN' as United as EU by 2020

    With a 1900 POD would it be possible to have a global political and economic union by the year 2020 that is at least as strong as the EU is IOTL?
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    DBWI Germany Loses The Battle of Britain?

    What if instead of accepting the German terms of peace in 1942 Britain continues to fight on?
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    Treaty of San Stefano Enforced

    The original treaty of San Stefano after the 1877 Russo-Ottoman war was amended in the 1878 treaty of Berlin. However, what if the original borders of Bulgaria as laid out in the treaty were enforced. It would certainly shift the dynamic in the region. How would Europe be different in the...
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    What if Soviets Invade Poland First?

    What if Stalin launched a pre-emptive strike on Poland before Germany does or can? What is the WAllies and Germany's reaction?
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    WI Britain Stays Neutral?

    How would wwi have turned out if Britain hadn't joined? You can use any PoD that you think if most plausible to give your analysis. It would be interesting to see the different ways this solution could be possible.
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    WI Cuba Refuses to Return Short Range Missiles?

    Let's say that Cuba refuses to hand over the short range missiles back to the USSR. I have heard as manu as 100 were in Cuba in 1962. Would the USSR take militant actions? Would they tell Washington? Song other ideas to consider: What if the USSR doesn't ask for them back? What if US...