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  1. TL: The Haitian Renaissance

    Sak pase! As a Haitian I also just subscribed to this thread! Anyone can also feel free to discuss Haiti with me. I have a question for GlobalHumanism: How will TTL Haiti deal with the language barrier? OTL, the use of French in government and education essentially meant that those who weren't...
  2. Why did the tribe die out in Europe but continue to thrive in Africa and Asia

    So basically, by "tribe" you mean ethnic group. Because the Zulu, Kikuyu, and Shona are all ethnic groups, with common languages and identities similar to the French and Spanish "tribes" and with sub-identities similar to those of French and Spanish subidentities such as Breton and Catalan.
  3. How much of Europe could be Muslim, realistically?

    There was also often ethnic prejudice against the Muladi population (native Iberian converts) who were treated very poorly, barred from high positions in government, etc. This didn't become as much of an issue until the 10th century when Muladi made up a greater proportion of Muslims, but it was...
  4. WI: Native Americans never crossed over from Asia

    Why are a lot of people still assuming that Europe colonizes the Americas or even develops the technology to do so? This type of POD will affect European climates, after all.
  5. Islam and Christianity are friendly competitors?

    The Ottomans claimed the Caliphate though. Anyway, I don't see Muslims having a serious issue allying against other Muslim nations because while the scriptures implore them not to, the way Islam is practiced isn't completely reflective of what the Qur'an says; especially when it comes to issues...
  6. AHC Increased Arab immergration to US

    Los Arabes de Nueva Mexico: Compadres from a Distant Land by Monika Ghattas New Mexico's Lebanese Influence by Arnold Vigil You can probably access one or both of these through a good library; the second one is on EBSCO.
  7. Why do the British always ally with the South?

    You could also maybe add Martinique, Saint-Barthélemy, and St Martin (and Guadeloupe, if it's returned to France by the time of the alt-war). They would be good targets, being profitable sugar islands.
  8. Why do the British always ally with the South?

    1870s Haiti was independent of France and actually had closer relations to Germany due to the beginning of substantial German immigration.
  9. AHC: make New Orleans the largest or second largest French speaking city in the world

    Maybe, although you might not have to go as far back as the Napoleonic Wars. See this link. Apparently, there was supposed to be "Flemish and French parity" in the Congo, but French was favored from the beginning. This mirrors the linguistic situation in Belgium, where Flemish was stigmatized...
  10. AHC: make New Orleans the largest or second largest French speaking city in the world

    This could work if New Orleans already has a huge population of French speakers by the time of the revolution or if there is some other impetus for Haitians to assimilate (OTL they didn't really assimilate). According to wiki, the Haitian migration doubled the cities population, with a large...
  11. AHC: make New Orleans the largest or second largest French speaking city in the world

    Most Haitians (90-95%) speak Haitian Creole, not French, so more Haitian migrants would decrease the proportion of French speakers in the city. Only 5-10% of Haitians speak French, the vast majority of whom are wealthy enough that they have little incentive to leave Haiti. The only two mass...
  12. If the Mongols had conquered Egypt...

    From wikipedia:
  13. Mongols in America

    See "The Horse and the Jaguar," a well-written timeline by phildup in which Mongols reach the Americas! The POD is that the Mongol expedition to Java is blown off course.
  14. Christians Retake Constantinople - Now What?

    Historically, deportation/population exchanges were the less frequent option. More often, Muslim majority regions of Bulgaria and other Balkan regions were simply massacred.
  15. Christians Retake Constantinople - Now What?

    I think there is a big difference between being abysmal enough to have your army defeated in what aren't really your core territories and being abysmal enough to lose your capital to a country with an almost equally matched army. The Turks were the former, but not the latter. Speaking to some...
  16. Christians Retake Constantinople - Now What?

    No they don't. Russia's performance in the 1877 war was abysmal, and many on the forum have noted that they could have easily lost if not for some unlucky moves from the Turks. But even given that they win, I don't think Russia has the strength to push all the way down to Kostaniyye; again...
  17. Could Post-1st Opium War China Pull a Meji?

    I wonder if we could see the development of civic nationalism within the Qing Empire as opposed to ethnic nationalism. OTL we saw this happen in the Ottoman Empire (Ottomanism), and although it lost out to ethnic nationalism there, many people on the board predict that it would have won without...
  18. AHC: Belgian Language

    I understood it using a mix of French and Italian. It's quite confusing from a solely French perspective IMO.
  19. Could Post-1st Opium War China Pull a Meji?

    If I may ask, why didn't the government's tax revenue increase along with the population?
  20. Could Post-1st Opium War China Pull a Meji?

    This. The Qing were definitely trying to modernize. I would say that one of the reasons modernization wasn't going that well was that the Qing tried to import industrial technologies without the institutions needed to sustain them. For instance, they put traditional Confucian scholar-officials...