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  1. Greater Post-War British Economy

    Bit of a nitpick. I think you meant to write 0.5% (half a percent) and 0.75% higher annual growth respectively. 0.05% higher growth would result in an economy 4.4% bigger than today.
  2. From Iron, Blood: A Bismark Assassinated TL

    I’ve seconded it.
  3. PC/WI: RAF maxes out on Mosquito's instead of "Heavies"?

    Indeed. Training more pilots sets up a whole load of expanded requirements: more pilot instructors, more training aircraft, more ground crew for those trainer aircraft etc. etc. etc.
  4. HMS EAGLE in the Falklands

    I think building one would be doable, but manning/operating it, while still maintaining a balanced navy is another question. Just one American-style super carrier would require more than double the crew of Eagle. A pair of carriers in the range of Eagle/Ark Royal or CVA01/02 (hopefully with a...
  5. From Iron, Blood: A Bismark Assassinated TL

    The updates as they are now are nicely sized in my opinion. Very good timeline so far. It has a wonderful sense of plausibly to it. (Your spelling/spell checking seems to have improved as well!)
  6. AHC: Developed China

    [QqqUOTE="RousseauX, post: 16585978, member: 37395"]The problem I think with the idea of a non-Communist China being same as South Korea or Taiwan is that neither has a big interior to develop The population of Jiangsu province alone is basically South Korea+ Taiwan put together and has a gdp...
  7. Keeping the British Liberal Party flag flying high

    Yes. I meant that the ruling coalition has over four hundred seats, not 320. But I see the intended meaning; I didn't read closely enough.
  8. Keeping the British Liberal Party flag flying high

    Your numbers don't add up. The four parties have 407 seats.
  9. Es Geloybte Aretz - a Germanwank

    Killed and wounded it looks like.
  10. Books about the age of sail

    The Wooden World N. A. M. Rodger The Command of the Ocean N. A. M. Rodger Two very good books about the Royal Navy in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
  11. The Whale has Wings

    The Essex class had edge lifts as had Wasp.
  12. Happy and Glorious.

    The KGVs had 2 quadruple turrets (2 x 4 guns each) and one double turret (1 x 2 guns), for a total of three turrets and ten guns.