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  1. Should Diamond participate in Map Contest II?

    Well? Should he?
  2. The Steam Lords

    Part One: An Empire Crumbles It was the end of the Roman Empire, at least that part of it in the West. For generations, Germanic barbarians, driven from their ancestral homelands by the Huns, had assaulted Rome’s borders like storm-pounded waves upon a shore. Goths, Burgundians...
  3. Geological WI

    I found this while randomly Googling, and thought you guys might find it interesting. The author suffers from a profound lack of imagination, assuming geological changes this drastic will leave human history mostly unchanged, but it does draw some interesting conclusions. Here's the link.
  4. Ariosto - C.Q. Yarbro

    Anyone ever read this? It's pretty intriguing - told from the POV of Lodovico Ariosto, court poet of the Medici in Florence in the 1530s (who I believe was a real person). The book alternates between chapters where Ariosto is a hero of Italia Federata, helping his Cherokee allies against an...
  5. New Robert Conroy

    There's a new Conroy novel coming out in late May: 1945. Looks to be about an alternate WWII ending where the Japanese don't surrender. Here be a link. Is Conroy ever going to release a book with a non-numerical title?
  6. Turks in 'Russia'?

    In most timelines I've seen, the various Turkish tribes/nationalities always end up in Asia Minor, Egypt, other parts of the mid east, and occasionally India. What could cause a major Turkish Empire in the north, instead? I'm talking about a Turkish state of some kind centered in Kiev, or...
  7. Paladins - Joel Rosenberg

    A new fantasy/AH from the guy that wrote the 'Guardians of the Flame' series. Paladins is set in a world where Mordred defeated Arthur and founded a Kingdom that is still standing in the 17th century and controls a vast empire. I just bought it, haven't started it yet, but it looks verrry...
  8. The Journeyer - Gary Jennings

    Not really AH, but a damn good book nevertheless. It's the story of Marco Polo, as narrated by Polo, and purports to tell the REST of the story. ;) Very entertaining read, very in-depth, great characters, great description. I didn't realize the book was first published in 1984; Tom...
  9. A Bewitched What-if

    What if there were three Darrens? Four? Five?
  10. What if the A-Team received a pardon?

    Would they still be vigilantes-for-hire, or take up other professions?
  11. What if the castaways left the island?

    What if the Professor managed to build a raft the first week they were on the island? Would Gilligan end up running for the US Senate?
  12. Russian Amerika

    Methinks I must pre-order this... Russian Amerika
  13. My Alt-Cartography Site

    I figured since I have a crapload of maps that are sitting in my computer collecting virtual dust, I might as well showcase 'em. Click me for mappy goodness! Sign my guestbook and make me feel like I didn't just waste the last three hours putting it together. :D
  14. Harry Turtledove and his publishers suck!

    I bought a book - The Bastard King, by Dan Chernenko - about a year ago, thinking it looked like an interesting and offbeat new fantasy. I got about a third of the way into it, and couldn't go on. The writing was dry and repetitious, the plot was threadbare and silly, and the characters were...
  15. The Effects on North America of a Non-Pandemic Columbian Exchange

    This more than likely belongs in ASB, but I think it might get a wider audience here: Something I've been thinking about for a long long time is this - how would the Americas, specifically North America, have developed if you were to change one factor: Native Americans were no more...
  16. Sanjay Gandhi

    What kind of life do you think Indira's son would have led had he not died in a plane crash? Would his alleged abuses during the Emergency have held him back from succeeding his mother in office? What kind of leader might he have become? Good? Bad? Mediocre?
  17. Another Day, Another Mapping By Numbers

    Let's try to make this one make sense. ;) And for something different, the year of the map is 1700. _____________________ 1: The Kingdom of Jorvik.
  18. Another Mapping by Numbers

    Because I thought Super55's idea was cool.
  19. A Timeline Prompt

    Open to any and all takers: Construct a timeline based on clues in the following article: LADYHAWKE Year of Production: 2000 Running Time: 142 min. FCC Rating: 3 (for strong language, violence, and thematic elements) An outstanding adaptation of Walter Mondale's 'The Wings of...
  20. His Majesty's Dragon

    Just picked this up at Borders. A new AH by first time author Naomi Novik. I haven't read it yet, but the premise is pretty cool - England, France, China, and presumably other nations have their own dragons. The story is set during the Napoleonic Wars, with Nappy set to invade England with a...