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  1. Map Contest Two: Discussion

    I disagree. That's one of the best I've ever seen from you. Beautiful.
  2. Map Thread II

    Whosoever controls the Golden Armchair controls the Holy Land!
  3. Map Contest Two: Discussion

    Well, my entry's up. It's probably disqualified because I didn't show just a single continent, but parts of three... ah well, screw it, I had fun making it. :D
  4. Map Contest Two: Round Two

    Okay, I had to save this as a JPEG to get it small enough to load, even on Imageshack, but everything still looks legible... I think. Anyway, the POD for this is sometime in the late 1550s or early 1560s. Spain's King Philip II is a little more reckless, a bit more of a despot, and suffers...
  5. Map Contest Two: Discussion

    EdT: :eek:, just :eek:. And I also would like to know more about this world...
  6. Map Thread II

    That's probably because I haven't posted it yet. :D I'm going to combine Steam Lords and Dead Lands into one ASB TL.
  7. Map Thread II

    My brain is melting after putting all the damn text on this...
  8. Map Thread II

    Paragraphs. For the love of god, please use paragraphs. Nice map, though.
  9. TIMELINE CONTEST: Sign-up & Planning Thread

    I'm officially disqualified - mine didn't get done. But I'll post what I've got either tonight or tomorrow.
  10. Map Contest Two: Discussion

    Congratulations guys! You all deserve it. Superb, excellent, fantastic maps.
  11. Map Contest Two: Discussion

    That's what I think too. My vote would've gone to Susano.
  12. Map Contest Two: Discussion

    I'm sure mine isn't either. I was rushed and it shows - by far not one of my better efforts. I like my POD though - might make a cool TL...
  13. Map Contest Two: Discussion

    Yes, it is I who must be the dick. :D
  14. Map Contest Two: Discussion

    Not to be a dick, but isn't Dutchie's map disqualified? (POD of 1938, not '35, and the map is dated 1963, not '50.) Which is a shame, cause it's a kick-ass map...
  15. Map Contest Two: Discussion

    Nice map, Susano!! :eek:
  16. Casting a "Dies the Fire" Movie

    I think Lithgow could do a pretty convincing job as Arminger. Remember 'Cliffhanger' and 'Raising Cain', and that Denzel Washington movie whose name escapes me? He played pretty convincing villians in those...
  17. Map Contest Two: Discussion

    Yes, I meant Northern Ireland. My thinking was that Free State sympathizers, along with German provocateurs, managed to rouse enough of Ireland into a state of near-war with Britain in support of the North that it eventually did turn into a full-scale war.
  18. Map Contest Two: Round One

    POD: Heinz Guderian dies in a training accident in 1935. Without Guderian's bringing together of the various tactics then taking form, there is no strategy of Blitzkrieg. Germany's various annexations of Austria, the Sudetenland, etc, go more or less according to schedule, but there is no...
  19. Map Thread II

    Nazi Canada!?! That's different. :eek: Pretty cool ideas there.
  20. Map Contest Two: Discussion

    I like the look of the roundels, etc. on Glen's map...