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  1. Clandango

    Christmas Attack on Pearl Harbor

    This is pretty straight forward. Would it be viable to attack Pearl Harbor on December 24th or 25th? I know they attacked on a Sunday morning IOTL, though I am unsure if many having the day off or being in church was a part of the plan, or just related minorly. A lot can change when it come so...
  2. Clandango

    WI Liberation of Paris Not "Whites Only"

    So, De Gaulle was rather adamant about liberating France before the war ended and getting every speck of ground so there was no occupation zone in France. The Resistance (which was rather bigger now after it was clear the British, American, and Canadian armies were swooping in) caused an...
  3. Clandango

    Treaty Changes and Secret Clauses

    I was looking up the Molotov-Rippentrop Pact and found that Lithuania was placed in the Soviet sphere because of the Germans overrunning a part meant for them. While I probably need a better opening post than that, I would like this thread to be used for those times the reality did not meet with...
  4. Clandango

    The Caning to Death of Charles Sumner

    What if during the attack on Senator Charles Sumner by Representative Preston Brooks, an added blow (perhaps when he was unconcious and still being struck) killed the Senator? That or if Representative Keitt had ctually fired at someone trying to stop the attack. How might this be seen in South...
  5. Clandango

    WI:Ribbentrop Punches George VI

    Punch, strike, smack, the words could be changed depending on how a person saw the event. When Rippentrop was first presented to King George VI he nearly struck him, by suddenly trying to give a Nazi salute. One of the more restrained once, though at that point the King was in handshaking...
  6. Clandango

    Nazi and Soviet Thoughts on Lincoln

    What had Nazis, Soviets, Fascists, and Communists said about Abraham Lincoln or how could they have used him in propoganda or their revisionist history books? I read people online referring to passing references to hm or the Nazis saying Lincoln was a a man keeping unity but things like that...
  7. Clandango

    Alternative Mandates

    Perhaps a well treaded topic, but what if there were difference in the structures of Mandates at the end of WWI, those in charge of them, or areas under the control of the League of Nations or occupied by Entente powers? As a start, what American mandates had been suggested? I have read...
  8. Clandango

    Full Stylings of Gustav Adolphus in Ring of Fire

    In the 1632 universe what might the full stylings of Gustav Adolphus be? In OTL it was "Gustavus Adolphus, by the Grace of God, King of the Swedes, Goths, and Vandals, the Great Prince of Finland, the Duke of Estonia and Karelia, and Lord of Ingria", though they have never went out of the way to...
  9. Clandango

    Was Winston Churchill an American Citizen?

    Just a thought. Since Winston Churchill's mother was an American was he at any point a citizen? What point did it stop? When he was knighted or took a job with the British government? Did his honorary American passports mean anything? Or was it all just because no one bothered with the paperwork?
  10. Clandango

    The Lights Turn On

    Just a thought, but what if during the Emberverse series Rudie Mackenzie somehow managed to return the laws of science to how they had been when he picked up that Excalibur expy? What would the political situation have been like and who would have the industry to take greatest advantage of this?
  11. Clandango

    Aryan Arianism

    I am unsure if I should put this in the chat area, but this thread title has been chewing on my brain for a while so I will just get it out here. Are the tenets of Arianism compatible with the interests or viewpoints of the NSDAP?
  12. Clandango

    Stalin Goes to China

    Just a thought I head read Table Talks a while ago and how complimentary Hitler was to Stalin, who he thought of as basically his only equal as well as the only one who could have made the Russians (he might have meant Soviets) into the industrial and fighting force they became. Now, at one time...
  13. Clandango

    American Demagouges

    I had been musing over the title of Neil Gaiman's American Gods, which then morphed into American Demi-Gods, and then into American Demagogues. What sort of rabble rousers, political machine runners, gangsters, veteran organizations, and such things where there in the period between the World...
  14. Clandango

    De Facto Shoguns

    Would there ever be a possibility of someone like Tojo, Yamato, or any one of a number of people to gain and keep their military power joined with domestic authority and keep it? One can of course argue that they had it for a while, as well as far more securely that the Shoguns of the past...
  15. Clandango

    How to Save Your Skin in a Nazi Victory

    Limited or not, if you fell under the reign of the Nazis or one of their direct Axis puppets how would you save yourself and others around? What excuse could be given to save your ethnic group, region, family, or tribe? If all else fails, you should not rule out trying to have yourself traded...
  16. Clandango

    Untermensch Afrika

    While I know that it would be extremely unlikely for the Germans to simply deport tens of millions of Eastern Europeans even if they had the ships or territory to put them at, I am interested in how it could best be executed. Having Russians and Jews working on roads or breaking rocks until only...
  17. Clandango

    Nazi Victory Views of "Slavs"

    Now, given the usual stereotypes about Nazis killing off everyone speaking a Slavic language in Europe, should I take it that they are all screwed? I have read many things that suggest otherwise, with Croats being looked on extremely positvely as with the Bulgarians, both of whom Hitler thought...
  18. Clandango

    The Royal Styling of Arthur Tudor

    Henry VII of England had a first born son named Arthur who died before he took the throne, leaving people to make cracks about Henry being so conceited that he named the next king after himself. Anyways, would Arthur be referred to as King Arthur I or King Arthur II?
  19. Clandango

    Nazi Victory Views of Italians

    There is no particular point of divergence, butterfly, or the like. I am interested in hearing whatever information you have on how the Nazis viewed Italians before, during, and would view them after WWII. What level of racial classification would they get, what areas would be deemed more...