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  1. Keynes' Cruisers Volume 2

    Shinano will suck down the IJN fuel stores even more before attracting US carrier aircraft like flies.
  2. No RN fleet carriers lost up to 1942

    Courageous or Glorious sorties with Hood and PoW against Bismarck. Ark Royal to Singapore in time to escort Force Z.
  3. Have the Rockwell B-1/B Lancer be more successful

    Maybe have more dependable air-to-air missiles during Vietnam? Seems like every dogfight account has over half the sidewinders and sparrows dropping like a rock or flying the opposite direction. Double the hit percentage and the brass might stay on the all missile / no gun design train. More...
  4. What if Hitler had ordered evacuation of african Early 1943

    Wasn’t thinking of relocating Africa via Tunis. Based on original post I was proposing Hitler decides the gig is up as soon as Wallies lamd in Algeria and immediately withdraws everything possible from Libya through Tripoli without a Germany of Italian unit ever setting foot in French North Africa.
  5. Most likeliest POTUS possible to be the most pro-Axis?

    Lindbergh decides to run for elected office?
  6. What if Hitler had ordered evacuation of african Early 1943

    All the troops thrown into Tunisia after Torch were being prepared for the Eastern Front. Could make an impact on the tale end of Stalingrad. Africa Corp could be rested, rebuilt, and used to build up Sicily.
  7. Patton in Korea: A TL

    Unless plan is to smack the Chinese hard, then negotiate from a position of strength.
  8. ABDA Wank

    Best use for carrier Langley is an Atlantic convoy escort. US version of HMS Audacity
  9. Patton in Korea: A TL

    Patton dies on the last day of the war charging a sniper position that has everyone else taking cover. Or gets kicked by a vengeful mule....
  10. The Battles at Dawn: The Japanese and American Battles that shaped the World War in the Pacific An Alternate History

    Extra wave at Pearl. Now fighting at Midway. Will carriers even have AvGas available to support Wake?
  11. The Footprint of Mussolini - TL

    Man that was dark. And SA basically welcoming immigration of the rest of the world’s KKK / skinhead types, it will never get any better. On some level are other nations silently relieved to use SA as a relief valve for citizens that don’t fit in modern society?
  12. Patton in Korea: A TL

    Grandad grew up in south Georgia. He talked a lot about the cold on his Korean island listening post.
  13. Patton in Korea: A TL

    Wasn't that Panama?
  14. WI: Germany doesn't even try to fight the Battle of the Atlantic

    Allied benefits: UK might decide to fight it out in Norway. Force Z has two fleet carriers and another BB when it sorties. Anzac forces aren’t pulled out of North Africa to garrison the homeland. More resources for Malta resupply. Axis benefits: More divisions for Eastern Front. Maybe some...
  15. Onto the Next Phase - A Star Trek Production Timeline

    I’m imagining how Pearce could shine in a mirror universe episode.
  16. Your Mission, if you choose to accept it...CVLN's

    What time frame? After WW2, take a Sangamon class escort carrier and fit it out for helecoptors. Fuel bunkers are large enough to run a generator for a long time. Stack half the deck with containerized freight and start flight operations once the containers are unloaded.
  17. Let Them Pass

    Maybe a classical name. Behemoths, Titans, or Juggernauts (Jugs)
  18. Onto the Next Phase - A Star Trek Production Timeline

    Now if they searched across the Atlantic; Jacqueline Pearce would be perfect for Illia. She could definitely do emotionally reservered with restrained sex appeal. Aspects of Seven-of-Nine. But I would hate to poach her from Blake’s Seven.
  19. Onto the Next Phase - A Star Trek Production Timeline

    Or just a cheap dune buggy conversion. Never watched the UFO series, but that SHADO is pure 1970’s sci-fi awesomeness.
  20. Onto the Next Phase - A Star Trek Production Timeline

    Lost in Space had the Chariot. Logan’s run had a hover car. WW2 surplus tanks were still common and cheap. Should be less expensive than maintaining the horses for westerns.