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  1. DanMcCollum

    WI: Dogs and Cats were never Domesticated?

    I was gonna say, "bold claim, assuming that cats are domesticated!" :D
  2. DanMcCollum

    WI: Dogs and Cats were never Domesticated?

    They ruled us, gave us direction and were our gods. Life would not be worth living without our feline overlords. Humanity would have died out. Indeed, it was they who raises us to civilization so that we might better serve them!!!!!! *sighs* I miss my cats.
  3. DanMcCollum

    Final Light: A Carolingian Timeline

    This was a fun update! Poppo IV comes off as a rather egnimatic, but fascinating figure in his own right, and there's also some interesting hints about what's going on in the *present :) And I hear you about remote working. I've also been finding out that grad school/pandemic is all a lot...
  4. DanMcCollum

    AHC: Greek Carthage

    I didn't, no, but I'll take a look. It was a random thought I had recently and figured there were people on this board who know far more of the history of Punic Africa and Greek colonization than I do :)
  5. DanMcCollum

    AHC: Greek Carthage

    An idea popped into my head today, and I thought I'd submit it here to see what thoughts people have. Carthage was founded about 814 BC, and Greek colonization efforts would begin a few decades later when the Euboeans founded the first first colonies in Southern Italy and into Macedonia. So...
  6. DanMcCollum

    Historical Figures in an alternate reality

    Then-Governor Philip Fox LaFollette in 1935 President Philip Fox LaFollette (1937 - 1949) Born in 1897, Philip "Phil" Fox LaFollette was the second son of Wisconsin Governor and Senator, Robert M. LaFollette Sr. As the son of one of the leading Progressive leaders in the United States...
  7. DanMcCollum

    US population with minimal migration after 1880

    Okay, immigration historian here - and this isn't exaclty true. You're making the mistake of equating correlation with causation. Yes,the vast majority (but not all!) immigrants during this era found industrial jobs in the cities. However, thats a very different thing than saying that "most...
  8. DanMcCollum

    AHC/WI: The People's Party/Populists as a major Farmer-Labor party?

    Grew up in a small Polish town outside of Wausau, myself. Love the Northwoods with all my heart :)
  9. DanMcCollum

    AHC/WI: The People's Party/Populists as a major Farmer-Labor party?

    Glad to have you onboard! Are you a fellow Wisconsinite by chance? Sadly, I don't know a single POD that could work right off the top of my head, and would need to do some digging (I find labor history interesting, and it brushes up heavily against my own research topic for my program, but I'm...
  10. DanMcCollum

    Decades of Darkness

    Yeah, I totally agree with that. There may be the occasional rumor campaign aimed at one of the elites - but they will be much less likely to gain any traction. After all. it would be in the interests of said elites not to let THAT catch on (because the chances are good, its true of a major...
  11. DanMcCollum

    Decades of Darkness

    Well, the comment wasn't about whether or not an accusation of taking advantage of your slaves would lead to one's political defeat. I would agree with you, that that type of accusation would have no noticable impact whatsoever. However, being accused of having Black ancestry, on the other...
  12. DanMcCollum

    AHC/WI: The People's Party/Populists as a major Farmer-Labor party?

    First: Love your name. Bob and Phil are both big heroes of mine :) Now, onto your main question: One of the major issues that the Populists had in OTL was that anti-semitism and anti-Catholicism was fairly rife amongst the leaders of the party (and, for that matter, the rank-and-file) as...
  13. DanMcCollum

    Decades of Darkness

    I actually think that @Nevermore has the right of it here. The fact that sex between 'owners' and slaves is so common that the average slave is likely to appear mixed-race is likely to make the situation more acute. You have a society which, publically, extolls its strength as resulting from...
  14. DanMcCollum

    AHC: Give Czechia a coast

    Great Moravia is able to solidify its control over eastern *Austria and Pannonia, and eventually expands into the Slovene and Croatian lands, giving it a chunk of the Dalmatian coast. Over the centuries, these come to be seen as integral parts of the Moravian realm.
  15. DanMcCollum

    And All Nations Shall Gather To It - A Crusades TL

    Oh god, man, that's so terrible. I am so sorry, and can't begin to imagine what you're going through. You and your wife take all the time you need to heal and mourn - that's the important thing. When you are able to write and research again, we'll be here waiting. Until then, and I think I'm...
  16. DanMcCollum

    Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    For some reason, I'm now envisoning a very unlikely scenerio where the Frankfurt government and Austria support the Polish revolutionaries as a way to chastize Prussia and lessen it's influence within Germany - all the while, Polish revolutionaries in the Congress Kingdom and Galicia fight the...
  17. DanMcCollum

    Pride Goes Before a Fall: A Revolutionary Greece Timeline

    If you want to look into the hsitory of Polish nationalism during this time, let me know, and I can throw you a few books to look into (once again, your TL is bumping up against my PhD studies. Lucky you ;) ) or drop me a line and I can give you the bare bones - though I'm just starting my...
  18. DanMcCollum

    DBWI: Antisemitism instead of Antilatinism?

    I good place to start would be if there was more of an effort to stress the early Christian-Jewish struggles within the community. This gets largely papered over in modern Christainity - but Stephen, the first marytr, was killed by a Jewish mob, and not Romans after all (this just gets...
  19. DanMcCollum

    A Thousand Stars: Christopher Marlowe Survives

    Yes. I want to read this!!!!!
  20. DanMcCollum

    The Legacy of Saint Brendan: A History of the Western Hemisphere, 512 to 1400

    Have you looked into the history of Himyar and Rahmanan? This might give you some ideas and inspiration to go off of when crafting Ismailism or its replacement.