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  1. AHC: Most possible nations with New World colonies?

    Just what it says. With a POD from 1492 on, make as many nations as possible have colonies in the Americas. (No one said they had to be European nations though.) Keep it plausible - you can't have a country establish a colony for no reason. The colonies should last for a significant amount of...
  2. What is the latest time the southern states could have seceded?

    Just what it says on the tin. With a POD no earlier than 1790 (the later the better), what is the absolute latest plausible time most (or at least some) of the southern states could have seceded? No outright implausibility, please - I want to keep this plausible.
  3. What if George Washington ran for a third term?

    This is my first attempt at a scenario, and I apologize if this has been done before. So, what if George Washington, for whatever reason, decided to run for his third term? If he wins, and dies around 1799 like in our world, do other people only serve three terms, or do they keep on running...