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  1. Not Easily Conquered
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    Introduction: This is an experiment. It is an attempt to view history through the lens of a family history. In this series we shall follow one family, through their family tree from the Point of Divergence through to the present day. This will take the form of biographies of various people on...
  2. Anglo/American war of 1838?

    What if the British and the Americans were unable to set aside their differences in 1838 and went to war? Who would win? What would become of the Canadian providences? Will they join America, be independent or remain a British colony? What would be the effects?
  3. WI Chappaquiddick never happened and Ted Kennedy ran in '72?

    Exactly what it says on the tin. Would Ted Kennedy have won in '72? Who would his VP be(I'd say Terry Sanford but who knows)? Who would be in his cabinet? Wilbur Mills? Ralph Yarborough? What happens to Mary Jo Kopechne? Would she run for office in Pennsylvania? Go into teaching?
  4. Which timeline should I do?

    Hi all. I know I have a bad habit of starting, stopping and restarting timelines. So I'm going to have you choose a timeline for me. You can choose one of eight choices. 1. Not Easily Conquered: POD: May 25, 1775. What if the American conquest of Canada started earlier? 2. A Mere Matter of...
  5. Which timeline should I do?

    I know, I know. I have a bad habit of starting (and restarting) timelines and not finishing them. I hope that this one will be different. So I have eight TLs that you might like: 1. Paths of Glory: POD: May 17, 1917. What if the Germans realized that the French army mutinied? 2. No Miracle...
  6. DBWI: WI Jimmy Carter wasn't assassinated?

    Hey, everyone. Just thinking about this year's election (I know, I know, no current politics on the board). Just got me thinking: What if Jimmy Carter wasn't assassinated in October 1980? Would we have had President Mondale's two (well technically three since he did finish out Carter's term)...
  7. Lost Prince Found
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    The Kennedy Family has always been a subject of fascination for historians and alternate historians alike. Out of that family, John and Robert seem to have the most the most alternate timelines about them. Kennedy Forever and I have talked about it and we agreed that we should do a timeline...
  8. The attempted assassination of Thomas Marshall

    I realize that Marshall himself may not have been targeted but what if he had been there when the bomb went off? It was 1915, there was a war on and the bomber did say that he wanted to stop the financing of the Allied war effort. Would this have spurred America to get more involved in the war...
  9. Which TL should I do?

    Which post 1900 TL should I do?: A Real Pistol: POD: October 16, 1909: What if William Howard Taft and Porfirio Diaz were assassinated on the border? Boats Against the Current: POD: June 10, 1920: What if General Leonard Wood of Hew Hampshire and Governor Frank Lowden of Illinois reached a did...
  10. Worth Fighting For
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    Welcome to Worth Fighting For, a timeline by President_Lincoln and myself. “I have complete respect for President McCain. He was one of the best presidents we ever had. When I ran against him in 2000, we both fought hard. In the end, he came out on top.” -Former Secretary of Commerce George W...
  11. Not Easily Conquered

    Part I-The American Dream You know I have thought about doing a list of the Presidents of the United States for a while now. Since the 2020 election is just around the corner I thought that we should take a look at the 33 presidents that we've had so far. Sure people know the big ones...
  12. Irvine Lenroot as VP.

    I asked this before but was there anyway for Irvine Lenroot to become Harding’s VP?
  13. WI: Orson Welles ran for the Senate in Wisconsin in '46?

    Would he win? Without McCarthy how would the fight against Communist go? Would Welles run for President in '56 or '60? Would he win?
  14. WI: Mo Udall won the '76 Democratic Primaries?

    Who would his running mate be? What would the platform be? Would he win in '80? How would the world change?
  15. Stepping out of the Sunshine of the People
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    The chief duty of government is to keep the peace and stand out of the sunshine of the people -James Abram Garfield, letter to H. N. Eldridge, 12/12/1869. Prologue: Across the Multiverse: 01/01/2020. Headquarters of the Timeline 8678 Exploration Team, location classified. Hitomi Kazuki...
  16. The Land of Smear and Grab
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    Introduction: Greetings, my friends. We are all interested in the past, for that is where you and I have spent most of our lives. And remember, my friends, past events such as these may have affected you in the past. You are interested in the unknown, the mysterious, the unexplainable. That is...
  17. The Impossible Dream
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    There is nothing wrong with your monitor. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling the flow of information. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image, make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal...
  18. The Bully Pulpit
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    It is an excellent thing to study the history of the great deeds of the past, and of the great man who did them, with an earnest desire to profit thereby so as to render better service in the present. -National Edition: Works of Theodore Roosevelt, Hermann Hagedorn ed., Vol. 11, pg. 205...
  19. Which Post 1900 TL Should I do next?

    After A Damn Foolish Thing, which post 1900 TL should I do next? 1. The Bully Pulpit: POD: June 11, 1912 What if ill health forced William Howard Taft not to run again? 2. Security, Harmony, Justice: POD: October 16, 1916 What if Charles Evans Hughes met with Hiram Johnson? 3. Boats Against...
  20. ATLIAPOT: A Damn Foolish Thing
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    What is this? A Timeline In A Period of Time. Is this that What If World War I timeline that you started a while back? Yes why do you ask? I thought you abandoned it. I did. Then what's this then? Just my attempt to finally get it done How so? History of the world from 1914 on through America's...