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  1. How does Reagan assasinated affect the conservative movement?

    If Hinckley has succeded killing Reagan how would the effect be on the Republican conservative movement? Remember, Bush Sr was not all to keen on being friends with evangelicals etc that now dominate the Republican party. Will the Republicans be a more fiscal responsible party without evertyhing...
  2. Bigger Roman army

    Every time i hear about the battle of teutoburg forrest the aftermath is described as leaving Rome vulnerable since they had to get troops from other direction. Why is that. Why did Rome not field a larger army? Could they have made reforms during the height of the republic/empire so that they...
  3. How do we make the world have 1900 tech in the year 1000 or earlier?

    I have always wondered why it took so long for the human race after the stone age to get from the stone age to the tech of 1900. Egypt had a single state almost 5000 years ago. Why did the world not develop and invent things fast around the time birth of Christ as during the period between 1800...
  4. Man in the high castle pod

    I am watching man in the high castle and struggle ti understand the pod. I am on s2e05. Nazis nuked dc somehow in 1945 but how could japan win?
  5. Napoleon attacks Russia toward St Petersburg

    WI Napoleon in 1812 instead of invading Russia toward Moscow he had choosen another route, up the Baltics toward St Petersburg that was the actuall capital?
  6. Questions about cities like Vicksburg during the ACW

    I have a question about the state of the former CSA cities that the western union armies captured on their way to Atlanta like Vicksburg. Were they in any form garrisoned by US troops? For exampel, after Vicksburg the union army moved to Chattanoga and Vicksburg could have been recaptured easily...
  7. Ireland integrated like wales

    Uk integrated wales but not ireland, wi they did?
  8. The family. A Collaborative Timeline

    This is the time for a collaborative timeline about a family starting in 45 AD and it ends in 2020. Everyone will contribute two names of the leader of the family. So they all have to be male. They can have daughters. I will start them as a farming family and will avoid any changes in history...
  9. Soviet adopt another defensive strategy in 1941

    When Barbarossa happened and once Stalin got over his mental breakdown the Soviet defense was ordered to fight to the last and not have one step back. That resulted among other things with 2,5 million men captured in different situations as they did not retreat. But what if Sjukov and Stalin...
  10. Allies secure Arnehm during Market-Garden

    Lets say the allies decide to risk the entire 1st airborne division and land at Arnhem bridge and manage to surprise the Germans and secure the bridge and surrounding areas. Rest of the battle down south goes as OTL up to after Nijmegen when the Guards armored division manage to come to the aid...
  11. Joe "Smoking" Rogers , the best in baseball(MLB the show 17, RTTS)

    First off, this is not the least realistic, i play most of the time on beginners. To make it somewhat realistic i use dynamic some times and at least one season is fully simulated. Oh, and i did not see that injuries was off until i played the 2025 season(currently in 2026). I really should have...
  12. Konstantinopel holds

    If Konstantinopel had managed to hold the last Ottoman siege, how long would they have been able to survive in the long run?
  13. Eli cohen not caught

    No spoiler för Netflix series as we see his faith in the first scene. What if Eli had not been captured and continue working in syria for many years as minister of defence?
  14. WW1 WI: Allies land anywere else but Gallipoli

    WI the allies decided to knock OE out of the war by landing somewere else along the coast that had no high ground and then strike towards Istanbul?
  15. French 2nd army does not Withdraw

    is my inspiration from this WI WI if commander Huntzinger of the French 2nd army does not say no to help by bombers Then at 14:20 Huntzinger loses his cool and withdraws. WI he had his boys stay and fight? Would that have made a difference?
  16. Germans destroy as much as possible of Paris in 1944

    You know the story. Hitler ordered the destruction of Paris, resistance and German commanders in Paris prevented that. But WI the order had been carried out. How much damage would the Germans be able to do? The Eifel Tower alone would require lots of explosive on two of its legs.
  17. Master Entourage TL: Gustav Lundgren vs NHL

    Name: Gustav Lundgren Chapter 1: How can he afford to play hockey? Gustav was raised by a single mom in the area of Västerås called Skallberget. When he was five he saw the older kids skating during the winter on the tennis courts that was made of asphalt and was filled with ice when it...
  18. The master entourage TL: From the bottom to the top

    Name: Fredrik Wahlgren 1: For want of money When Fredrik Wahlgren grew up noone would think he would be a leader of anything. His teachers belived he would end up as a janitor or someone that worked for a meager income. Some teachers belived that he would be an alcoholic as an adult. He did...
  19. Master Entourage TL: It´s a mans world, Lotta plays anyway

    Chapter 1: Lotta just want to play with her friends Lotta Schultz and her family grew up in the suburb of Dingtuna around 10 km outside Västerås. Her older sister, mother and father all were involved in the local Dingtuna team so she joined at age 8. At age 9 she showed talents when she scored...
  20. Master Entourage TL: Johan Vesterlund, ruler of the midfield

    Chapter 1: Playing for fun With two older sisters that played football and a father that had played football and tried coaching a minor team in the fith division called Franke it was only a matter of time before Johan Vesterlund would start playing football. At age 6 he joined the Västerås IK...