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  1. Was 1969 too late do minimize damage of Vietmam

    Best chance would've been before '69, when Eisenhower shoulda told the Frenchy's to go F themselves when they tried to blackmail the US in funding there reacquisition of Indo-China. Then turned around and have a sit down with Ho Chi Minh and ask him what would it take for him to side with us...
  2. Deadliest Warrior

    The first thing I asked when I heard about this show was, is there going to be a pirates vs. ninjas match?. Then I found out no, there isn't but there are pirates and ninjas. So I'm happy.
  3. What's you favorite Shattered Union Faction?

    My friends and I bought and played this game when it was first released. We all returned it 5 hours later because the game was complete and utter shite. After which we had a day long session with FEAR.
  4. Al Gore

    Actually, a group of people on the forum have already done a Gore victory time line somewhere around here. It was actually a pretty decent thread.
  5. WI No American or French Revolution?

    There would most likely will be a revolution, just not like the type in OTL. Simply put, the Monarchy was spending too much of their capitol just to maintain the style of living they have been use to for the last hundred years. That in turn forced the noble families to keep up appearance's and...
  6. WI No American or French Revolution?

    Hate to point out that, even if France didn't back the colonies during the revolution, the French monarchy would have fallen because of it's rising debts to various creditor's and spending money like a college frat boy hitting the bars during spring break. And it was all for the express purpose...
  7. WI other Meiji restorations during the XIX Century?

    To an earlier post that mentioned the 'no fact finding in 1800's because the whole forbidden to leave island on penalty of death' thing, when Perry sailed into Edo Bay with his ship, it pretty much was the death knell of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The fact finding missions and modernization didn't...
  8. Entente demands unconditional surrender in 1918

    Conquer Europe? I thought it was the crisscrossing alliances and treaties of the time that forced Germany to take the initiative? Germany's treaty with Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire at the time pretty much obliged them to declare war on any nation that attacked its allies. Sure it...