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  1. Russia keeps Kazakhstan and Belarus

    Would they be allowed to keep Belarus' UN seat?
  2. The Footprint of Mussolini - TL

    I presume Mussolini's coup de grâce (killing blow) to the Arabs would be moving the Sphynx from Giza to the EUR district south of Rome.
  3. Best chance for a Canadian "Hawaii"?

    Remember that before the railroad, it was much easier and quicker to go from Victoria to Hong Kong via the Pacific than crossing the continent by land to Montreal. As a matter of fact, the flag of British Columbia before the 1960s was the Blue Ensign, similar to other Pacific territories such...
  4. Central Victory: Fate of German New Guinea?

    Everyone's been talking about what Germany can get out of Britain, which is all fine and dandy since they're both in the same continent and the Germans have some sort of leverage in a CP victory scenario, but what about the Japanese? The Japanese wouldn't probably want a repeat of the Treaty of...
  5. AHC: An American city like Tokyo

    WI the Los Angeles tram system weren't bought out and torn apart by Big Auto?
  6. The Footprint of Mussolini - TL

    LOL. Just for the record, Padre Pio's feast day is September 23.
  7. The Footprint of Mussolini - TL

    Nice aside. Quite fitting you wrote this on his feast day.
  8. AHC- More San Marinos and Liechtensteins

    Krakow...if there's still no Poland. Epirus The disunited Arab emirates not named Abu Dhabi or Dubai Goa, Pondicherry, several other Indian princely states... La Nouvelle-Orléans
  9. AHC: same football rules in the US and Canada

    The easy answer would be Harvard not having that small field in their match against McGill, but that's pre-1900. The next best option is, perhaps, the Ivy League not having a great influence in the development of 'football' in the US side of the border.
  10. The Footprint of Mussolini - TL

    You butterflied away 'Plastic Love'?! :eek:
  11. DBWI: What if the Detroit Pistons drafted Darko Milicic in 2003?

    As a coach, playing the defensive style is a safe bet, and yeah, I personally like it too, but to a lot of fans out there, it simply made the game boring. Consider that the Grizzlies, the Super Sonics, the Hornets, the Clippers, the Nets and the Kings were each moved around to different...
  12. Alternate names for republican head of state

    In Slavic countries...the Great Slave! :biggrin: ( Hey, minister is a title title of honour in modern times instead of magister)
  13. The Footprint of Mussolini - TL

    Lol...Tito must have gone hard-core nationality-free communist to even go as far as renouncing his Slovenian and Croatian heritage and lead Serbia out of all places!
  14. Surviving Yugoslavia and its identity?

    Austria considered Slovenia and Istria as being at the same level as Tyrol and Salzburg. They also invested heavily in infrastructure there since it was their main access to the sea. Yeah, but the Germans had the excuse of being 'one German nation over the centuries' as an excuse. They may...
  15. Surviving Yugoslavia and its identity?

    I think the biggest challenge to keeping Yugoslavia together is not ethnic but economic: There's a big discrepancy between the parts formerly ruled by Austria (Slovenia and Croatia) and the parts formerly under the Ottomans (the rest) + Montenegro. Just before it broke up on the 1990s, tiny...
  16. Which countries could have implemented Confessionnalism ?

    Or an alternative One-State India solution.
  17. Cities that could have been much larger

    The original scenario for this was if the US had gotten all of the Columbia District north of Vancouver Island, while the British managed to only hold onto Prince Rupert.
  18. The Footprint of Mussolini - TL

    During the American Occupation, MacArthur was a military leader in charge of a Japan with a powerless Emperor Hirohito, which effectively made him shogun all but in name in the eyes of contemporary Japanese.
  19. The Footprint of Mussolini - TL

    Unless he elects to become the de facto shogun as per OTL.
  20. WI Incel rebellion happens in the Abbasid Caliphate

    So, kinda like a proto-Mamluk Sultanate, with the state being run by people who are technically slaves?