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  1. No Commies,Marx is Assasinated in 1800's

    I should point out that as Marx alluded to when he opened his manifesto by saying "A spectre is haunting Europe - the spectre of communism," the term was already out there by 1848, so not only would killing Marx not kill socialism, it wouldn't even kill communism specifically.
  2. Marche Consulaire: A Napoleonic Timeline

    I certainly can see British intellectuals placing more emphasis on their cultural separation from continental Europe ITTL, although calling themselves Asian instead would probably be a bit much. And the Continental System is mostly gone, but there's some selective tariffs in certain industries...
  3. Would a Radical Republican victory lead to a more left-wing America long term?

    Even if they were proto-socialists, just succeeding in Reconstruction somehow wouldn't necessarily lead to their economic orthodoxy carrying through the dominate the modern day.
  4. Marche Consulaire: A Napoleonic Timeline

    Also, forgot to respond to this last week. Part of the reason I've avoided that is to not be too heavy-handed with a Francewank, but also, I realized it wasn't necessary to completely ruin Britain just to have Napoleon get his way on the continent. A lot of the timelines I read when I first...
  5. Marche Consulaire: A Napoleonic Timeline

    Not entirely, since the question of whether Bill of Rights protections applied to states as well as the federal government wasn't decided at this point. Actually, the Supreme Court ruled that they didn't in 1833 IOTL. So this is essentially a religion-specific version of the OTL Fourteenth...
  6. Marche Consulaire: A Napoleonic Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter Forty-Seven: A Pikean Perepetia

    One idea I had over the last hiatus was working on two chapters at a time, so if I got stuck on one, I could switch to the other and see if that got me going faster. I didn't wind up doing that, but I did plan this next chapter concurrently with the last one, which might explain how I was able...
  7. Marche Consulaire: A Napoleonic Timeline

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone! A while back, I mentioned that I'd decided the core theme of the story would be "the day that liberalism won." I think I've actually refined that a bit further. It occurred to me looking back through what I've done already, and forward to what I plan on...
  8. Marche Consulaire: A Napoleonic Timeline
    Threadmarks: Chapter Forty-Six: ...And Two Steps Back

    Well, here we are again, another months-long delay between chapters. At this point, I just want to thank everyone who's been following my little story for this long for your patience and support. It means a lot to know that after almost three years of doing this, I've got so many people still...
  9. AHC: Surviving Goguryeo

    I know very little about this time period or this region, but it seems clear enough that they need to prevent that Silla-Tang alliance somehow. Fighting on two fronts, with one of those fronts being a state as powerful as China could only end disastrously. Perhaps if they'd been able to bide...
  10. WI/AHC: Usage of "thou" as major difference between modern British and American English

    I kind of expect "vous" to decline in usage as a singular pronoun, but I take your point nevertheless. Maybe vous and thou don't share all the same connotations or situational contexts, though. I couldn't say considering I haven't lived in a time where the latter was ever used.
  11. Can a Earlier Potato Famine have Texas Become a Irish Republic/Monarchy?

    Without having taken other possessions previously, i.e., Louisiana, I don't see it. Texas itself didn't have much to offer compared to, say, Cuba. I dunno, maybe, although more would probably head upriver instead. As for the Comanches, they did raid as far as central Texas, and most of the...
  12. WI/AHC: Usage of "thou" as major difference between modern British and American English

    I was given to understand part of the reason for thou falling out of usage was precisely because it requires you to know where you and the other person stand on the social hierarchy, so a more egalitarian society would eschew it even sooner.
  13. Can a Earlier Potato Famine have Texas Become a Irish Republic/Monarchy?

    Even putting aside the feasibility of an early blight, I'm not sure how much Santa Anna could really do to make Texas a more attractive prospect than the US, Canada, Australia, or other OTL destinations. They didn't have a good port, and the area was still contested by the Comanches, so it would...
  14. If World War 2 doesn't happen, how long would Japan have held onto Korea and Taiwan?

    Portugal benefited from playing different colonial populations against each other, and from an alliance of convenience with Rhodesia and South Africa. Japan lacks the ability to execute the first strategy, and its diplomatic situation makes the second one infeasible. Honestly, the Portuguese...
  15. Biggest "You Blew it!" moments in History (Pre-1900)

    The people who did it didn't really value that knowledge, and the consequences were suffered by people other than them, so eh.
  16. How much power can the Pope gain?

    I kind of assumed that was intentional.
  17. Marche Consulaire: A Napoleonic Timeline

    It's not abandoned, I've just had a really hard time balancing this with my work schedule. That's been an issue all year, really, especially since the lockdown has led to me doing a lot more tabletop gaming online than I ever did in person pre-covid, so that takes up most of the mental energy...
  18. The most ASB moments to happen in history... that still happened (Pre-1900)

    To be fair, YA novels are partially inspired by people like her.
  19. Biggest "You Blew it!" moments in History (Pre-1900)

    Harrison was one of the handful of American generals in 1812 who knew what he was doing, so I wouldn't be that optimistic. Also, Tenskwatawa's control over the army was questionable. If he'd dispersed them, they may well have just gone home instead of fighting.
  20. The most ASB moments to happen in history... that still happened (Pre-1900)

    I can't find it for the life of me, but I believe there was an incident where an entire town in Portugal all reported witnessing the same strange, outlandish, and yet very specific vision all at the same time. I suppose mass hysteria is a thing, but I don't think it's normal for it to be that...